Grave minaccia per la supremazia economica degli Stati Uniti – Notizie criptovaluta Isole Marshall

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Is US economic supremacy under threat? Is the dollar being challenged by cryptocurrency? In this episode we look at the situation brewing in the Marshall Islands as the president faces a challenge to power after threats by the IMF.

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Grave minaccia per la supremazia economica degli Stati Uniti – Notizie criptovaluta Isole Marshall

31 Commenti

  1. If the US and IMF are willing to bully the Marshall Islands, to what lengths will they go to protect their interests in the US if BTC begins to take market share from the dollar?

  2. Sbagliato. They were trying to replace the fed and cash in on the fed’s money printing scam by printing their own crypto currency. If they just accept bitcoin and make it legal in their nation they would have been fine.

  3. All the dollar reset stuff is a move to take out the federal reserve/batf and whoever owns it, I think last time I looked in deep it was the house of orange. Just like all the roads in Miami are private toll and no one uses the state roads but they still pay increasing amounts in tax to pay for the roads lol

  4. What great information and super well presented. Tipo, you are something else. Best video on YouTube

  5. My partners nephew is moving to the Marshalls, my partner has found she is related to the King, they have found they have land on Majuro and another outer island. It will be interesting to watch the developments re crypto and tax haven.

  6. I wish the US GOVT. would stay out of the way of innovation. Its a damn shame. I truly believe that a powerful country like the USA when using their muscle/power and IMO on a very broad scale across the world, it becomes a question of how long can we sustain with such action, before these actions become our own demise.

  7. Awesome shirt. So many challenges in the crypto worlds. Marshall islands really has some interesting things. It is good there are some top people out there who see the light and want to see progress for the good. Anyways good video sincerely JR

  8. Concordato. I’ve seen the name on twitter now and then, but this was the first video i saw. Instantly subscribed 🙂

  9. Marshall Islands have a sad history of being a bomb test site & now with ocean rising are in danger of the nuclear waste contaminating the whole region thanks the the USA. No wonder they are seeking better pathways for there future.

  10. purtroppo, peoples greed governs their actions and the corrupt bankers here in the USA (and around the worldgreed has no borders) are behind many nefarious activities. From my experience speaking with individuals at my office they repeat what they are toldJamie Diamond says crypto is evil so it must be. I try to explain the facts and that Mr. Diamond is not their buddy and cares only for the paper in your wallet, but it falls on deaf ears. Allodola, please keep sharing these important stories so we can continue to educate others. Blockchain equals economic freedom for the poor. It allows the 4 billion that are unbanked to manage their assets and grow financially. Bankers want to sink their greedy teeth into those 4 billion and charge them fees and control their futurescrypto equals freedom and bankers equal control.

  11. +The Crypto Lark hi..great video..would still be interested in your view of how a transition could occur. Maybe ideas on how you’re protecting yourself from parties not wanting you to use crypto.

  12. +roger hill In the Marshalls, Bikini, and Enewetak were the outer islands the US nuked, but Majuro the main island wasn’t.

  13. Iinternational monetary weapon is right! History will not be kind to the USA. Rightfully so

  14. 6:48: “Prepare for freedom”, That was really funny. Could also bePrepare for democracy”.

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