MaidSafe recensione – Will it be the New Internet ?

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Maidsafe ha grandi ambizioni, but can it do it?

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MaidSafe recensione – Will it be the New Internet ?

29 Commenti

  1. When I heard MaidSafe, I thought I was going to get a hot french maid who will clean my house for a price. Branding is awfulI agree they might be biting off more than they can handle.

  2. @Thecryptolark Please Lark do a cover for COFOUNDIT AND SYSCOIN pleasee man they are great for the future.

  3. The main differentiator between the SAFE Network and say Sia, impegnata, etc is SAFE is the only one that is an Autonomous Network. Like a bunch of small code libraries that all work together to form a large smart contract, to use a buzz word. This project is big, it’s been being designed for years, been being built more recently, and is finally nearing some of its final alpha stages before it’s release candidate. Also MAID or maidsafecoin just hit .66c so get in early folks 😉

  4. MetalGearMk3 it is funny branding. But it’s a play on RAID (redundant array of independent disks) which makes more sense. Full acronym is Massive Array of Internet Disks Secure Access for Everyone

  5. The SAFE network has all the things that Bitcoin and every other crypto-currency doesn’t. It provides a truly valuable service, the intrinsic value of which actually backs the currency (unlike other cryptos). Owning safecoin means owning a piece of the secure internet they are trying to build. Se, and this is a huge IF, they can pull this off they will destroy bitcoin and just about every other crypto-currency. There will be no comparison. Adesso, I am talking market-cap not coin value due to the differing number of coins. This is an absolutely monumental opportunity. If they can make this very ambitious proposal work

  6. When I hit a like button on facebook, that data is stored ongiant telecom providersthat run the Internet?!
    While impossible, that is also:
    infringement of privacy
    very, very unprofitable for anygiant telecom

  7. LOL! Lots of pictures of actresses tits and stuff.. Oh why did I have to be drinking at that moment

  8. Allodola, something I’ve learned after Ontology isIf you Believe in a project buy some now no matter the price.
    Say, I want to put $1000 in PundiX but its pumped a bit.. I’ll put about 33% in nowif it dumps, good. Ill have more to put on the dip. If it keeps dumping over time thats great I’ll have time over the coming weeks or months to put in lil bits of fiat and bring myDollar cost Averageway down.
    But if it moons and never comes back down to the current price.. atleast a had a small investment at the current price at hand.

  9. Unfortunately Maidsafe is illegaly using a patented algo. The gossip about gossip protocol is in the white paper and that tech belongs to another company. Infine, maidsafe will have legal actions taken against them and I don’t want to be in their shoes when that happens.

  10. And the big companies will just “vendere” more resources and etc. What’s the change then?

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