Lympo ICO CEO Ada Jonuse Interview

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Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse and I discuss their upcoming ICO. Lympo is changing the way that your sports data is used with the help of the blockchain. Check it out!

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Lympo ICO CEO Ada Jonuse Interview

26 Commenti

  1. I wonder if Ada has any Cardano? haha Jk. Great video Lark! Very interesting and seems to have great potential at first glance!

  2. It’s too early to release a token like this that won’t be adopted given that we are still in early days regarding cryptocurrencies but kudos…. Grande idea. Too too early but could pull off a Dentacoin if they have solid marketing team and sleek design. That’s all the market will care about, per adesso.

  3. Thank you for uploading this, excellent interview! I was planning to invest in Lympo, and this helped out a lot.

  4. These kind of projects will fail bigIn fact it are these kind of projects that make the crypto bubble grow and eventually pop. You can invest in it for a small quick flip but thats it. Luckily only crap projects like these will go under and the valuable use cases will stay. Cmon Crypto Lark do you really find itthat interesting”? Some notes: She doesn’t know what an erc20 token is, The user health data will be stored centralized so no difference with existing health platforms (see Datum project they do the same but decentralized storage), they don’t need 15 million usd for doing this projectThe crypto space really need regulations to stop these kind of ICO.

  5. All you peeps assume she’s just some chick selling the product with her looks…. do more research. She actually has an impressive background with a resume of higher standards than some of these other startups. I was actually expecting a much worse interview than what was provided, but she had a solid answer and explanation for every question he threw at her. The fact shes hot is just a bonus lol. The way I see it, theres room for 1 blockchain project in each sector.. può essere 2-3 if its a broad sector. I haven’t seen any other projects aimed specifically at this. I wouldn’t write it off quite yet. Nice interview Lark!

  6. shes so pretty, but i love the idea of this ico, bought in presale just now, hope they implement everything they say and it should do very well 🙂

  7. does she really need to know what erc20 token is? why would she?:) she’s not a tech savy, that why she’s got tech team behind. Its absolutely normal to not know

  8. yes as an CEO of a company that uses the ethereum blockchain she needs to know at least what a erc20 token is (she’s creating one remember). And did you check their tech team, not really that impressive either.

  9. Still disagree 🙂 I dont need to be car mechanic to run successful car repair business:) intendo, surely would a big plus to know your subject but not a necessity. And as for tech team, well I see no problem hiring one. Crowdfunding will help with that. Am I investing much? nope. 100$ just for fun cuz I like the idea of promoting healthy life style. Will I loose? Può essere! Ma 100$ isnt much to loose. Will I gain a little something? There is a chance. Maybe i;d 2 or 3x sometime within few month.

  10. I will hihly rekommend Lympo. Its best ICO. Lithuania has best developpers and I know this girl long time. I invested all my money in Lympo. I know it is crazy but lympo is best company. Fidati di me!

  11. I accidentally threw a couple of eth at this ico when i was drunk and im not sure this was my best move so far. Never heard anything about it earlier. But it seams to be just 1b supply and a token cost of 2 cents ico price so this calms me a little.

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