Low Cap Altcoins To Consider Buying?

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Bitcoin Bear Market seems to be ending soon, the bulls have taken control and the #Altcoin Season is upon us. Working products with innovative technology along with a low market cap would be interesting #blockchain projects to consider. in questo video, Jeff talks about some of the cryptocurrencies that he is investing in or interested in with low market cap. #Bitcoin

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Low Cap Altcoins To Consider Buying?

21 Commenti

  1. Thank you for all the quality content Jeff! Been a fan since before the last major bull run, you never disappoint.

  2. i like Stellar (XLM) for fast profitsusing it to buy more bitcoinits so cheap hard to lose.. im up over 50% in a short time

  3. Price starts to go out and Jeff comes out of the woodwork shilling shitcoins. More respect for Matty sticking with it through the bear market.

  4. $QUANDO, Scott Adam’s project. Interface by WhenHub connects people to specialist around the world. True free market platform to drive down cost of service, ie. legge. 10, 50, 100X in the next 2 years likely. Most media exposure to non-Crypto fans everwhich will help drive people to the market. I bought a ton.

  5. NCASH!!! best moon shot.. acquistare 100,000 for a hundred bucks. hold till a dollaror even .25cents..

  6. Tpay? What about that 75% pre-mine? Or the lack of Github activity? WAY to many red flags with Tpay

  7. Apollo all the way. All in one. Starting exchange on wallet and talking with Africa to be their currency.

  8. Ethos has recently merged with the crypto trading platform Voyager, so it looks like very interesting things are on the horizon. Combining self-custody in a clean, user friendly wallet, with a simple way to buy and trade your coins is a pretty strong value proposition. The Ethos token looks to be used much like BNB (and look how well that’s done), giving cashback on trades in the same way BNB gives discounts on fees.

  9. Bitball BTB now about to launch there Ebarter Trading Platform , very active with nofakepromises cheers

  10. CarVertical is one that is going strong still. Team is still pretty active but they are focused on the project and not so much exchanges right now so it may not see any big moves for a while

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