Long-Term Investors Say BTC herd will bring $TRILLIONS – Crypto Notizie di oggi

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in questo video, Mattie talks about what's going on in the world of crypto and blockchain technology. Si tratta di un segmento di tutti i giorni. You don't want to miss any important news in this volatile market.
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Long-Term Investors Say BTC herd will bring $MILIARDI – Today's Crypto News

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36 Commenti

  1. These institutions have to be doing back door trades by now via OTC to demand heavy discounts. That’s what I’d be doing in this bear market if I was in their shoes.

  2. Buy Dta, Data asap! data is now .006 of a cent and is partnered with facebook audience network and Google adwords, and Arington XRP! and Pantera, e altro ancora. Facebook rumors of buying coinbase are looming, and fb creating a crypto are looming. BUY DATA NOW!

  3. When crypto was at all time high, people complain about why they didn’t buy when it was lower. Now that it is lower, they complain crypto is dead

  4. The more we buy the dips …. The more it goes down…..its like whales had already skyrocketed the crypto prices….these type of news are made so that the people keep buying cryptos thinking it will go high…..on the other hand these whales keep selling their cryptos

  5. So we forgot facebook selling out data? Sorry But Im totally not happy if fb would buy coinbase. Linking ID’s with wallets, meh sorry Im not that enthousiast about that.

  6. It is high probability for Bitcoin to go down to 5.300 area soon. I would still be a bit patient.

  7. JDM CU2
    si, those people are idiots. The only thing they know its to buy high, sell low and complaint

  8. It’s always on sale but i am predicting that bearish months will be over soon. You should take advantage of this market crisis because it’s gonna soar high again, I’m suggesting a privacy coin that really interesting me and has the advantage of becoming the best coin and also could be part of the TOP 10 in the crypto market. What i am suggesting is to check this project Deeponion. They focus on the privacy and anonymity of the user and having a unique features and they also have Votecentral to gather opinions and votes concerning important ideas and essential decisions when it comes to the project.

  9. There has to be a price cap we’re the OTC purchase won’t be possible, sellers won’t be ripped off, and the whales will FOMO and buy from the exchanges instead causing price hike.

  10. lol happens in the stock market too. Everyone sold at lows in 2009 (because they had to….or were sick of it going down everyday) similar set up. But we need that flush

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