Loci ICO CEO John Wise InterviewMonetizing Ideas on the Blockchain

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John Wise and I sit down and discuss Loci, and how it is aiming to solve pressing problems in the patent industry.
Check out their ICO here – https://locipro.com/

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Loci ICO CEO John Wise InterviewMonetizing Ideas on the Blockchain

25 Commenti

  1. crpto lark i know this is not to do with your video but there is a question i need answered.. right.. so say for example i want to buy cardano…. for example.. if 1 bitcoin was worth $10 e 1 ada coin was worth $10.. remember just an example.. what would happen if btc took a rise to $20.. would my ada now be valued at 0.5btc.. in other words if i buy and hold btc-alts the btc value would depreciate over time is this correct.. although the value of btc is rising so it balances out i guess.. pretty much i want to turn 0.5btc into 1btc with buy and holding alts would this work.. sorry for such a crazy question brur.. Grazie.

  2. Depends on the alts that you get into, many have lost vs BTC this year and are only now making up previous losses BTC has been king

  3. 2:27 – 2:32 sums it up! Look at Crypto Lark’s face….lol he’s NOT impressed by John Wise’s performance! 😉

  4. He looks like Robert Downey Jr…. I guess that means that instead of Lambo’s, Loci hodlers are wanting Audi R8’s?

  5. my mains are ada.. vtc and stratis.. some potcoin too. so although im making profit my btc value remains the same or lower its a strange one to be fair.. would i be better just buying and holding btc.. i may end up with .25btc from my .5btc but still be in profit.. the money does not interest me i just want to accumulate btc.. guessing the best way to do so is not to buy and hold alts but to buy and sell day trading? do you see ada, vtc, stratis and potcoin good solid climbers? thanks crypto lark

  6. Sound great. Just a small question here: there are some other IP ICO out there, how will you be more competitive?

  7. Thanks for the intertview! If anyone is taking part in the ICO token sale,

    use Referral code: 5f7d134e66 in the Loci ICOToken sale signup for those extra tokens 🙂

  8. I got it in on first round of Ico….This is gonna be HUGE.

    Anche, John is on a rampage getting the word out there and educating people. Di conseguenza…he looks tired AF LOL

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