litecoin Aggiornamenti, You MUST Know This About LTC!

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Litecoin has been doing very well in 2019 so far. Oggi, Mattie takes a look at LTC and he will dig into the tech as well as the latest news from Litecoin.
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litecoin (LTC) Collaborates With Beam Privacy Coin (FASCIO) to Implement MimbleWimble

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litecoin Aggiornamenti, You MUST Know This About LTC!

46 Commenti

  1. What is Litecoin – 0:45
    LTC Specs – 1:46
    Litecoin Team – 2:53
    fulmini di rete – 4:50
    Litecoin vs Bitcoin – 6:02
    Litecoin News – 7:45

  2. 💪⚡️👍 LTC is my Fav Crypto/Coin and I feel the safest bet to invest in. 💯🌎💫🚀🎊💯

  3. I like to watch your reviews and the updates on crypto-platform projeccts.
    But I would like to know, whether or not your reviews are sponsored or not?
    And do you make it public, in case it is sponsored. Would be imported to me, to know this.

  4. Darren N absolutely and imagine when btc will be worth 1 milione … in believe one day we will see a 20 trillion market cap for btc and 5 trillion for litecoin # LTC 4/1 with btc 💯🚀🌝

  5. Thank you for the news you’re awesome man, great resource for keeping up to date on current events.

  6. First buy was around 80$ for me. Kinda regret not listening to Lee and sell at the top. Live and learn

  7. Onestamente, even if its not sponsored most crypto medias support the coins they hold bags with. This is why Decentralized TV hates on BCH but loves ETC, all the haters of some coin are angry and fearing for their bags.

  8. Edwin Jimenez Thanks for the reply! only reason im still holding crypto is the hope for a new bubble. Litecoin will proably go up like the others thats my guess. We will find out and learn more

  9. Concordato, been in LTC since 2016, never sold, missed the last high, but I won’t miss the

  10. BCH has way too much drama to invest in, it may have had a future 18 months ago when it launched, but no longer, both BCH coins will slip out of the top 50 by years end, kinda sad really.

  11. +Eric Milchak Very possible, I sold my BCH before the fork, which was clearly a good move. Detto ciò, the problem I have with people claiming BCH is over is that it actually has really capable people. The devs are awesome, Chris did Open Bazaar for example. But on top of that, they are working on some cool stuff, such as the avalanche implementation.

    Then you have Roger and Jihann, these guys are the business side that you should not underestimate. It might look bad right now, but when things look bad is the time to make money. You don’t buy something when everyone else is, you buy when they are not. I just need to see evidence from them that they will do some really big things and then I’ll jump back in. Until then, I’m more bullish on Ethereum’s future.

  12. Eric Milchak I missed last one as well and do not plan on making that mistake again. 🙂👍

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