Litecoin To Enter the Octagon at UFC 232 – Crypto Notizie di oggi

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in questo video, Mattie talks about Facebook's upcoming cryptocurrency as well as Litecoin sponsoring an UFC event. Si tratta di un segmento di tutti i giorni!
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Litecoin Takes to the UFC Octagon in New Sponsorship Deal


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Litecoin To Enter the Octagon at UFC 232 – Today's Crypto News

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26 Commenti

  1. advertising crypto in UFC is like advertising computer science curriculum to 9 year old girls at Disney land.

    not the best target audience but exposure is exposure. plant the seeds i guess

  2. What is Facebook doing behind the scenes? Selling your personal data. I used to use FB every day (hey, I’m oldersue me) but now look at it maybe once a week for family stuff and never post anymore. They have lost all credibility with me. Go LTC, BTC, ETN, TUBE and CS!

  3. I was suprised as a big MMA fan and a holder of some Litecoin that this is happening. Very good PR for crypto.

  4. Looking forward to see how this pans out in 2019, I know the UFC and LTC foundation both have intentions to continue this. Such a revolutionary moment.

  5. Cryptoman976 what’s the use case for tube coin? I heard the legend davinci talk about it as one of his fav coins

  6. I think the Litecoin foundation is leading the way with this latest news. It’s great for Crypto and Amazing news for Litecoin. It’s actually bigger news than we think. What a great way to get exposure great work to you for the video and great news for Litecoin

  7. Based on what? I’m in crypto and have been a UFC fan for decades. Just curious if that’s your opinion or if you have some info regarding crypto/mma demographics.

  8. Infatti, this isn’t crypto’s first foray into advertising in MMA. Dash sponsored an MMA fighter Rory MacDonald I think it was back in Jan 18 timeframe when market was at its peak.

  9. +edit name That is a great question and thank you for asking. *DISCLAIMER* long post incoming

    TUBE is much more than just a crypto. It is an entire decentralized platform focused on freedom of expression without censorship while doing it with no ads, sponsorships or any other extras on their platform. It is just you and the content with nothing getting in the way. The only censorship BitTube does is on protected content that is copyrighted. The platform is moving from simply being a video sharing site and getting a complete face lift in January to be a complete decentralized social platform focused on video sharing and it is all centered around the TUBE coin. TUBE is a real company with a real front door and accountable leadership. There was no pre-mine, no ICO and it is being fully funded by the CEO himself Saber Maram who is a self made man who’s sole goal is to make the project the most successful media platform in the world. The man is a machine, I personally talk to him almost daily on their discord along with many others. I’m not sure if he ever sleeps to be honest.

    *avvertimento, Billy Mays moment incoming*

    But wait! THERE’S MORE!

    We all know true success for any crypto can’t come without some sort of mass adoption. This is the other difference TUBE hasthe road to market. They are not simply making a product and putting it out there for people to discover. They have also developed a browser extension that pays you TUBE for simply surfing the internet. It was just released in the last few weeks and the internet payout system (called Airtime) went live on Christmas Eve. The extension allows you to buy TUBE directly through Paypal (I’ve tested it and it works), it also allows you to tip people by placing aDonate TUBEbutton on major media sites like Youtube (I wish I could paste a pic here), cinguettio, Facebook, Contrazione, e molto altro ancora. So tipping someone in TUBE is as easy as a click of a button on all the major sites. On top of it is also the best ad blocking extension I have ever used. There is much more to it, but I’m trying to keep this as short as possible.

    The extension is currently for Chrome and Brave (the latest version that allows Chrome extensions) but will be released for all the major browsers as soon as each one approves it for their respective platforms.

    *avvertimento, referral link incoming*

    If you want to try it and get 5 free tube, use my referral link and see for yourself:!2JOOM1DYB

  10. Great news re Ultimate Fighting Championship and Litecoinwith Litecoin on Facebook Messenger already, and Litecoin mining reward halving 2019, next year should be good for LTC!

  11. advanced racerCharlie Lee still uses Litecoin regularly for transactions and advises people to buy and use both BTC and LTC! They work best together! Buy both!

  12. LifeInColorGames that was my question too. Ive been picking up some litecoin at the lower prices with limit orders over the last few days. Anyway Id happily set a sell order to catch a bump from this advertising and buy again at a dip

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