Hashflare Interview Edgar Bers – Bitcoin, Estrazione, & Crypto Biz

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Edgar Bers from Hashcoins and I discuss Hashflare. In this chat we talk about Bitcoin mining, bitcoin farms, Islanda, Russia, Electricity, Ethereum POS, the future of crypto and much more!

Miniera di Bitcoin su Hashflare

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Hashflare Interview Edgar Bers – Bitcoin, Estrazione, & Crypto Biz


Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

37 Commenti

  1. Hey lark thanks for all the good work. This sounds like usi tech please correct me if wrong.

  2. actually not happy about this service, before I have invested in it, it said service fee is arround 17%, thought thats ok.
    recently discovered that I receive every day less and less pay outs. of course I understand that difficulty is going up, but my proffits went down too fast, after checking the payouts, noticed that service fee raised to 31%, because bitcoin value drop they charge in USD, so they sell my mined bitcoin cheap and deduct service fee ammount in USD. I am feeling that I will not even get my investment back 🙁
    anothet thing, about referal code. I have gave my referal links to many of my friends, even I have created several accouts to thenm, they invested more that 100 000K in total, I did not received anything.
    it just says referal code not work, after contact hashflare support, they kindly said that under my code no one has registered.

  3. What are you doing LARK? This guy helped run Polybius Bank ICO. He was the face and community manager of Polybius. They’ve been horrible with community management and had the nerve to announce they were one of the most successful ICO’s in 2017 (on twitter)

    In the 7 months of operation, they’re still waiting on an audit to be completed and have been waiting for a CEO all this time. No progress has been made. Now he pops up and says he’s representing Hashcoin/Hashflare. There was always an association with Polybius but he’s meant to be working full time on Polybius.

    They took BTC and ETH in July from investors at $10 USD per PLBT and PLBT has halved in USD value since then. BTC and ETH have both tripled since then.


  4. Thanks for asking the question about the supply of mining powerunforntunately he didn’t convince me, he’s not straight forward enough with his answers.

  5. Thanks a lot Lark! Appreciate your time and effort in setting up this interview. Wished I would’ve had the opportunity to see this Q & A about hashflare by someone trustworthy like yourself. I would never have invested > 20k USD in this mining company, he seems shady, non transparent.

  6. Time to lower the HIGH 0.05 BTC Withdraw limit!
    BTC Transaction fees are down to $8 again and the Mem pool is almost EMPTY!

  7. Cloud mining is outsourcing your mining to someone else, USI Tech is a lending platform if I understand correctly

  8. The Crypto Lark Agree to certain extent. Combo of higher difficulty, lower price and higher maintenance fees. Hashflare isn’t good deal now.

  9. thank you for the interview. Definite NO for me after watching this. This is Exactly why interview is needed instead of reading documents online. It just shows you if the product is good or bad. Some Lark interviews convinced me to believe in undecided projects. This one convinced me otherwise.

    Keep up the good work Lark!

  10. You do know he has cloud mining contracts with them, destra? I thought it was an informative interview. I have cloud mining contracts with them as well.

  11. This made me feel even better about dropping my Polybius ico tokens. Edgar is the main person dragging the investors along with failed promises and no official communication. I have invested in a tonne of icos and that was by far the worst. They used Hashflare to create the platform then just left it to gather dust.

  12. Nicolas Barcan, Could you please provide some proof? If not, please stop spreading lies based off of beliefs and not facts.

  13. You shouldn’t calculate cloud mining on USD you should an Bitcoin. At the end you want more BTC than you invested and I think that is not possible anymore with the imense difficulty increase all 2 settimane.

  14. I fell with you man. Was so excited but now I have realized I will make less BTC than I investedthe difficulty kills all cloud miners those days 🙁

  15. It’s not a scam but don’t start cloud mining at the moment it’s not profitable anymore 😉

  16. I’m not sure if mining is really worth it, it was some time ago but now I think I’m a HODLER and not a miner anymore 😀

  17. I created a Logical Crypto Progression for myself it goes like: Invest> Invest> Make $ –> Mine part of it at the very end

  18. Chrigi Frick well if the bitcoin price rises so will the payout. mining was really profitable for a couple of months, still is but of course it has dropped massively

  19. Yes of course, but only the USD payouts and you shouldn’t look at the USD value. If you invest 3 BTC and get after a year 2.5 BTC but BTC has more value in USD you didn’t wonyou lost 0.5 BTC 😀 And that’s the case if you start investing now 😉

  20. aaron langley wait this guy is misleading?! The guy who still claims that customers just don’t understand bitcoin network issuesthat guy?? Noooo way!

    Seriously I think literally anyone else ANYONE else would have made customers feel more confident

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