Electroneum 2020 Adozione! Will It Impact ETN Prezzo?

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Electroneum, with it’s coin ETN is a fork of Monero, Electroneum is a user-friendly, mobile-oriented cryptocurrency that can be mined on any smartphone and allows transactions to be settled instantly via its Instant Payment System, and has nearly 2.5 million users around the world. Electroneum had raised $40m US in their ICO and ETNs are already on exchanges. Their mobile mining rewards users with free ETN every month. Users are able to mine up to $3 USD worth of ETN each and every month, which can be stored or spent with any retailer that accepts ETN. For many in the developing world, where monthly income is often less than $50 al mese, an additional $3 per month can make a significant difference to their daily lives, allowing them to have a little more each day.

The value of ETN can hike up in future provided it reaches a significant number of users and investors. ETN has a promising technology and easy user interfaces which can draw the attention of global investors. With more number of users, it will be easier for ETN to regain its value more steadily. Cryptocurrency can help empower the billions of unbanked and living in poverty; find out what Electroneum is already doing.

The vast majority of those who are unbanked also live in poverty. Financial inclusion is a way to help those living in vulnerable conditions, particularly in developing countries.



Electroneum Looks Bullish With Its Work Plan for 2020

Electroneum Looks Bullish With Its Work Plan for 2020

UGANDA : Have You Ever Wondered What Electroneum Ambassadors Look Like? Meet Kazibwe Edris

Have You Ever Wondered What Electroneum Ambassadors Look Like? Meet Kazibwe Edris

ARGENTINA : Electroneum (ETN) Treads Towards Adoption in Argentina for Payment by Merchants

Electroneum (ETN) Treads Towards Adoption in Argentina for Payment by Merchants

BRAZIL : Brazilians Made $30K Worth of Electroneum Mobile Top-ups in November

Brazilians Made $30K Worth of Electroneum Mobile Top-ups in November

AFRICA AND INDIA Electroneum is Brightening Even More Lives

Electroneum is Brightening Even More Lives

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Electroneum 2020 Adozione! Will It Impact ETN Prezzo?

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Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

30 Commenti

  1. @Bitnote Crypto Cast its the same thing tho, if you did know about it, you would of had the same mindset like you do with this coin.

  2. Glad you covered ETN! Lots of great information, been following ETN since the ICO. 2020 will be a bullish year!!

  3. @animeswitch True, maybe not completly same, but similar. Actually I have invested in some known coins recently, that have huge difference between current price and all time high pricewe are talking around 150x here. I believe if coin is alive for many years it has good potentila to rurn to all time high. So this mindset start changing already 🙂

  4. ETN could be the way to solve world poverty as charity work the way it is today doesn’t work as the ones at the top of these charity’s cream all the money it never reaches the ones who need it
    Good video 👍👍

  5. I am glad ETN is a business to helped the unbanked and the poor. Finora, though one of my worst investments. I would love a Zeus starter kit. Just saying.

  6. Electroneum was NEVER. short term plan anyone who read and understood its plan knew it would take some years of effort , planning etc ( and with many business’s plans ) some luck to get fully established .

  7. Our thoughts exactly. SOOO many charities are inefficient and wasteful at best, and crooked/corrupt at worst. Better to promote real-world business solutions that compete with each other in the free market arena in order to solve the problems thatcharitiespurport to tackle 🙂

  8. si signore. Many thanks for the deep dive. A lot of opportunity for ETN in the coming months and years given they are already AML and KYC compliant.

  9. Great Vid! It appears that the trolls are back in full force! They Bought at the top and got rekt!

  10. Electroneum is the power of cryptocurrency. Just go buy, acquistare, buy and continue to buy more, Di Più, more to moooon!!

  11. Luis Muñoz I’m sure there is a plan for that. The higher the price the less ETN is given out in cloud miners making it last for a few more years.

  12. ETN does not appeal to the crypto space, hense the price is down. But as the Billions of people not in crypto use it more and more, that will all change. As Richard Ells and the Electroneum team has long known, there is a bigger population than the 1% of the population currently in crypto. Bring that massive 99% in and you will have achieved something no other project has yet to achievetrue mass adoption. Crypto people need to remove the tunnel vision and see the bigger pictureor don’t. It matters not to me. I am already strapped in this rocket ship.

  13. David Yuman buy till you become homeless and can see the moon, every night, while sleeping on the street

  14. Been hodling ETN since ico still a believer even if it doesnt make me rich im in crypto for other reasons

  15. Bullsh*t! Did you buy during the ICO? There was no mention of top up or banking the unbanked. It was going to be a privacy coin targeting gaming and gambling. It was sold as a bait and switch.

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