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40 Commenti

  1. Can’t use your crypto.com link to get a Card, because i have already a login. That’s stupid right? Any way i can still use your referral code?

  2. Hmmmm, interesting question. You can try to enter the code cryptolark
    If you don’t see that option then send customer support an e-mail, they might give it to you. Hope you can get the $50 indennità!

  3. As with the inception of the Internet, there were countless hurdles and FUD…. look where we are now!!!

  4. The great depression senerio is the one that worries me most. I’ve thought the whole system was a house of cards waiting to fall over but needed a bit push. I’m just glad the world has Bitcoin because we need it 🤟♥️

  5. Whoever created bitcoin did it with the intention that it is decentralize and everyone can participate and have ownership of it. People who wants to attribute Satoshi to a specific person doesn’t understand or willfully not understand the purpose of bitcoin. If we identified who Satoshi is, it would devalued bitcoin not just a monetarily, but also philosophically.

  6. I love to hear this content, those wild cards are really interesting observations lark, long term yeah to the moon, the problem comes when you need the money in the short term :’v
    Cheers from Latin America man.

  7. gold and silverits been money for thousands of years and will continue to be for thousands of years.

  8. Damn Bradda, I want that shirt in cool colors. Salute

    Anche: Legare, never have, neber will. Salute

  9. Psycarlo .. Satoshi is anything but dead…. I’m just afraid that he is a they and they are not the type of people we actually think they are

  10. He or they, is/are alive, it’s not coincidence about moving that 50 BTC from old wallet, in this crisis time’s that wallet suddenly went online, if it was some first miner that BTC would be spent long time ago not now, only real persons who made BTC would do such a thing, wait till it gets price and wait for crisis then move some small portion of BTC so people will be like they are ah bla bla its not satoshi in next few months it will come again trust me, it will be some other old wallet, at the end it will come main wallet. He/they are still alive.

  11. Assolutamente, can’t go wrong with silver and gold. It’s solid for putting savings away for 5+ years if you have abit of cash you can put away and beats the interest rates in the banks. Silver and gold is real money and it will only go up over time

  12. Yes after watching him for some time I get good vibes from this dude. You can tell he loves the space especially when he does in depth interviews which other crypto channels never do!

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