Criptovaluta e Altcoin strategia media dollaro-costo in qualsiasi condizione di mercato

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Criptovaluta e Altcoin strategia media dollaro-costo in qualsiasi condizione di mercato

Recensione StormGain


Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

33 Commenti

  1. Solo 18% return over the period of 2 year with such a volatile and risky market.
    I don’t think these gains worth that much risk

  2. Thank you for saving the noobs from just dump all their coins my friend 💪🏾📈 #StrongHandsRequired

  3. RICORDA!! ( November 30th 2013
    Was the start of a 400 day crash !!! It went from 1100 giù verso 100! People were saying “ I told you so “
    Panic was all over, stay strong stop checking the price wait a year or 2 o 3

  4. Why is no one talking about The Olympics in South Korea this Friday? I think cryptocurrency will get some marketing and attention during the olympics.

  5. you had to buy $100 worth of BTC everytime you choose to invest right? if that is the case you would pay alot of fee’s. So the profit after 2 years would be less than shown here or am I seeing this wrong?

  6. Best video I’ve seen during this down marketmost channels are just ranting…continuate così!

  7. Media outlets all freaking out that Wall Street been down for the past 2 days.. Wa wa wa! Try being down in this market for 2 1/2 months straight.of nothing but a sea of red! Thats all this market is a RED SEA. A BLOOD BATH!

  8. 11 Signs that everything is going to be ok.

    1. Singapore just announced it has no intention of making crypto illegal.
    2. The market is still 3x what it was 6 mesi fa
    3. Australia’s big 4 banks have no intention of barring people from buying crypto.
    4. Banks are starting to use crypto for cross border payments.
    5. The stock markets are down $1 trillion this week, crypto markets are doing better.
    6. Bitcoin ATM installations are on the rise.
    7. Singapore airlines wants to use block chain tech for it’s loyalty program
    8. Europe’s Largest Utilities company is ready and willing to Sell Renewable Energy to Cryptocurrency Miners.
    9. Bittrex about to reopen user sign ups and add USD trading option.
    10. CFCT chair declares that the aim is to protect the consumer with aDo no Harmapproach to regulation.
    11. Everything is on sale

    What the news says and what the news means can be 2 completely different things.
    While many people may feel that they got burnt buying bitcoin in December, the reality is that this is still a normal correction. No one wants to ban crypto, Tier 1 Countries have no desire to ban crypto, the world is still preparing for mass adoption, banks are not preventing people from buying crypto, big institutions are using crypto daily, the SEC aim to protect consumers against fraud in crypto and the crypto market is still larger than what it was 6 mesi fa.

    What does all this mean?
    A lot of the news in recent times have painted a rather grim picture of the crypto spacethere’s a lot of FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) mixed in with fake news and rumours that fuel negative sentiment.
    Take everything into consideration from a holistic point of view rather than focussing on the scary bits.

    The one bit of news that needs clarity is the fear that banks are helping to ‘bancrypto by preventing people from buying cryptothis is simply not true.
    Banks are stopping people from buying crypto using credit cards because frankly, it doesn’t make sense that people use credit to buy other money. The banks also need to mitigate credit risk and fraud by taking this stance.

    So now that you know, doesn’t the future seem brighter and so much more exciting?

    Ricorda, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

    Oh yeah, and everything is on sale!

  9. rene herrera Amazing comments Rene, thanks for the well thought contribution. A great example is the resent India rumors. When contacted directly the officials had no plans to ban exchanges

  10. Thanks for taking the time to create this sheet. This should help out a lot of people . If they will use it.

  11. bel video! i like how you didn’t include big price swings in up direction because thats unrealistic but when it happens peoples lives change.

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