Crypto Notizie – China Loves Blockchain, NASDAQ Top 20 Cryptos, ASUS, BEF 2018

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in questo video, we talk about China and their recent blockchain endorsement and more cryptocurrency news. This is where you stay up to date!
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Blockchain Is A Breakthrough, Says Chinese President

Chinese President Xi Jinping calls blockchain a 'breakthrough' technology

China reappoints Xi Jinping as president with no term limit

Chinese President XI Jinping Meets with BFA Chairman Ban Ki-moon

Chinese Giant Baidu Baike Adopt Blockchain

Baidu Baike

New ASUS Crypto Mining Motherboard Offers Support For 20 Graphics Processors

The ASUS H370 Mining Master connects 20 GPUs to one motherboard with PCIe over USB

The ASUS H370 Mining Master connects 20 GPUs to one motherboard with PCIe over USB

20 Cryptocurrencies to Bet the House On!


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Crypto Notizie – China Loves Blockchain, NASDAQ Top 20 Cryptos, ASUS, BEF 2018

35 Commenti

  1. Cina… meanwhile in the US, we won’t let small investors into ICOs to fund innovationwe tax the s$%$ out of crypto without clear rules and generally try to scare the populous from being involved with crypto and blockchain. We won’t even let the big boys open ETFs!

  2. Asus makes great products and their customer service is fantastic along with being very fast.
    If the price is right would be a great board for those starting with several gpu`s and planning on adding more.,,………….You will want to add more !! mining is not real difficult, plenty of you tube videos to help you.I really enjoy it and have learned it all with you tubers that mine.Sometimes you may want to beat your head against the wall with freak problems that can creep up i have had every problem possible just about and still, would not want to do anything else.
    The one big problem is when nothing is breaking you are bored and just want to build more rigs
    take that as a warningcan be addictive.
    Thanks Altcoinbuzz and Altcoin army for all you guy`s do *****

  3. Do you think Fabric Token or XY Oracle Network have a bright future? Both recently out of their ICOs and on IDEX. Could you look into Invacio as well?

  4. Secondo me, Nebulas is a better option than presearch as viable decentralized search engine bc it is that an so much more!!

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  7. I am surprised you made such a little amount, most people introduced to Evan Gilmore makes more than that.

  8. I was once a victim until i came into contact with Evan, through evan i have been able to recover all my losses and i make about $8000 on a weekly basis

  9. I love your videos guys. Your talking about ChinaDo you know that DeepOnion added a chinese node to their project (based on TOR)? this could very useful to spread this altcoin around the globe.

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