Crypto Markets Crash & US Dollar Scam – Bitcoin & criptovaluta Notizie

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsMarkets continue to get savaged, Saudi comes down on Bitcoin, USD is a scam, fiat is a scam, Bitmain Cash dramas, and Nebulas.

Bitcoin Saudi

Bitcoin Trading Is Illegal in Saudi Arabia, Warn Watchdogs

Szabo ETF

Nick Szabo: Bitcoin ETF ‘Might Cause More Problems Than It’s Worth

Hedge Funds

Crypto Hedge Funds Launching at ‘SurprisingRecord Pace in 2018



‘We Couldn’t Get Any Foreign Currency’ – Turkey’s Capital Controls Show Why Bitcoin Exists

Bitcoin Cash Bug



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Crypto Markets Crash & US Dollar Scam – Bitcoin & criptovaluta Notizie

24 Commenti

  1. Great timing! io (we) appreciate the video at times like these. Noi crediamo, but it’s nice to hear a bit of news and a friendly voice. 🙂

  2. I posted a video the other day after you went ham on Youtube for the monetizing issue. Not much but thought id throw positivity in a direction that really deserves it.

  3. Wall St isn’t here to save us”…”Bitcoin with or without an ETF, is still Bitcoin”…the two most golden quotes of this video!

  4. Ciao, I’ve been a long time subscriber and follower of your channel and I think you’re a very intelligent person. I’m a Saudi citizen and I’m very disappointed at this blatant slander of our reputation. We no longer carry out capital punishment in public squares and women who advocated the lifting of the ban ARE NOT getting executed. An intelligent man like you should know better than judging a country by outdated stereotypes. We have made incredible strides in social reform unlike any other country or community. While I’m upset about the BTC ban, that doesn’t mean that you should delve in into irrelevant topics like beheadings. They banned it because people here were continually targeted for scams and the government wanted to protect them similar to what the SEC is doing. We are all part of this wider crypto family and you as a content creator should advocate a message of love and solidity if we are to survive these difficult times. I will no longer be tuning in to your videos, thank you for the information you provided me in the past months and goodbye.

  5. Thanks for the message. As mentioned it is very unfortunate for regular saudi citizens. I used the examples to point out how out of touch the ruling class is with the modern world and that banning Bitcoin is just an extension of being out of touch. It is not meant as a slander to regular saudi citizens. Governments globally are doing things against their citizens and this needs to be called out in all its forms. Perhaps you have some different information to share from what I see? Women Executions We are all brothers and need to work together for a better future, a government that does these things is not part of that future, and to be clear I am highly critical of other governments and what they do as well.

  6. Concordato 100% we don’t need an etf or wall street. We need devs to continue to do what they are doing and build the infastrustructure. Bel video

  7. I also think wall st is behind crypto price manipulation. It’s just not normal. Something is up

  8. The cartoon at the beginning of your video is somehow the best thing I ever saw, I’m dyin.

  9. We all need to do our part. I work at del taco. Fast food is something I thought I would never go back in. But I need more spending power. So I’m working lots of hours and placing 25% of my check into Bitcoin and pot stocks. I been a hodler for almost two years and it’s been very hard. I never will be shooken out though. It’s not about the value it’s about how blockchain can change the world.

  10. Ask any youtuber with a decent set of brains what they think about Saudi Arabian “legislazione”…
    How the hell did Mohammed foresee the future having cars, in order to forbid women to drive?
    You better not follow any crypto youtuber now…. bene, you could watch some Saudi Crypto channel…. oh no, the are probably banned.
    if you think it is toprotect people”, you are just as brainwashed as all the others who believe this narrative.
    They just want to stay in charge and on top of the richesas if they do not have more than enough already.
    Here’s a view:

  11. lots of things at moment going on with saudis. not making friends at moment. quite funny. anyway good video thanks for update. sincerely jr of exciting world cryptos

  12. Problem with most investors is that they’re extremely impatient, want to know everything, but have spent very little time doing their research! Especially in cryptocurrency!

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