Crypto in Cina & Malaysia – Bitcoin and Altcoin Asia feat. Larry Liu and Bobby Ong!

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At the Blockchain Economic Forum 2018, Singapore we met with the Founder of Genaro Network, Larry Liu and co-founder of coin gecko Bobby Ong.

They tell us about the crypto scene in their countries China and Malaysia and what is happening with their companies. They talk about bitcoin, contanti bitcoin, icos and other altcoins.

Hope you guys enjoy this.

Crypto in Cina & Malaysia – Bitcoin and Altcoin Asia feat. Larry Liu and Bobby Ong!

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  1. To the wonderful Altcoin Buzz team!
    You are by far the greatest and hardest working team I ever came acrossThank you for being generous with all your efforts and for being our eyes, ears, and brains throughout out this journey. May you all remain prosperous.

  2. Awesome video Jeff. I love to hear the Asian perspectives. They are totally right when it comes to all of these platform blockchains. In the end the blockchain that’s tails for real will be the winner. But I would like to add one thing to that. The black chain that scales and is able to communicate with all of the other blockchains will be the winner. And to me that’s going to be Neo EOS QTUM & Icona. Get your wallet out boys and girls don’t be afraid to keep riding the etherium wave but just know that all of the CR 20 tokens will eventually end up converting over to one of the platforms that I just listed above

  3. Darwin Ignatius thanks man. Arn is a solid project. Bought on Binance when they were running the contest once it hit there. Quite bullish on it.

  4. If you listen to this video in the car, it’s hard to know what’s going on. Why don’t you guys speak the questions?

  5. When there wasWhen Binance?” I automatically readWhen Lambo?”. I spit my cereals laughing.

  6. Bel video, thank you for bringing in Larry Liu! Their project is very ambitious and one to watch. If they can pull off their vision then this could be a hidden gem in crypto. We’re just in the very early states of DAPPS and are beginning to figure out real uses for them. E… at the very least I give them credit for their roadmap phases: Vulcan, Epsilon, Romulus, and Eden. Eccezionale. 🙂

    Whether we like it or not, Asia and specifically China is dictating much of the crypto space. That’s one of the reasons why I’m watching privacy based coins; China has banned crypto (at least for now.) I’m stocking up on low risk coins like Monero but also putting a lot into DeepOnion since their latest wallet supports TOR .0.3.3, Obsf4, and Meek; allowing it to transact even behind state firewalls. No other coin is currently addressing this huge issue.

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