Crypto Graveyard, Lambo Movie, & ICO Madness – Bitcoin & criptovaluta Notizie

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsICOs double already over last year, Vechain and Ontology online, Tatatu challenges Hollywood, Walmart blockchain, and Russian politicians chilling for the summer.

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ICOs Double



Dead Cryptos


VeChain Arrives: What to Know About the $1.5 Billion Blockchain for Business



EU Sanctions

Russia QIWI

Russia’s Biggest Payments System Qiwi to Open Crypto-Investment Bank

Diplomas on Blockchain

Russia Delays

China Flood

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Crypto Graveyard, Lambo Movie, & ICO Madness – Bitcoin & criptovaluta Notizie

20 Commenti

  1. Thanks for posting. Walmart is getting into blockchain to comply with Codex Alimentarious/GFSI standardsanother step toward tracking everything and everyone on earth.

  2. Flood the market haha hilarious. The only thing I dislike about your videos is I can’t like it twice. Double thumbs up. Crypto Lark = The go to for daily crypto news. Good stuff man. Saluti!

  3. I wonder how many of those washed up asics R.O.I.d, that’s really gotta hurt!… R.I.P.

  4. Thank you The Crypto Lark. IBM and Walmart, do you think they’ll be using Stellar?

  5. Greetings fro TongaHey Lark, thanks for the vid….entertaining and informative as ever. Hopefully I will be able to join the live stream tomorrow. Cheers J

  6. Hello Lark great video indeedI always like your videos.. I suggest you should review Neblio as well.
    The Neblio Cryptographic Coin (negativo) is the lifeblood of the Neblio Blockchain Platform, allowing the instant & secure transmission of information worldwide while securing the Neblio Network. They have their own Blockchain solution.

  7. I really like the news about over 1000 crypto project dead. This correction is cleaning up the market. So our serious project will get more attention.

  8. The madness has yet to begin brother. You must tell. Where did you get those coconuts from? 😆

  9. High hopes for the Ecomi wallet, really curious about the uses of it for the comic book and Japanese collectable market.

  10. Who’s the twatwaffle that disliked the video?? Loving all the content you put out brotha! Continuate così!!!

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