Crypto Bloodbath Continues, But Why? Mike Novogratz’ New Hire – Crypto Notizie di oggi

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in questo video, Mattie talks about the cryptocurrency retracement we are seeing right now. He also gives you the latest from Galaxy digital and Novogratz. Si tratta di un segmento di tutti i giorni!
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Crypto Bloodbath Continues, But Why? Mike Novogratz' New HireToday's Crypto News

33 Commenti

  1. I’m I the only one who remembers that a whale moved 1 billion worth btc from a wallet to exchange about a months and half ago ….this was expected

  2. why would ant etf get approved in such a volatile, uncertain marketplace with almost zero consumer confidence?

  3. Anyone saying oh no crypto is done. It’s far from done. Anyone who had any sense yesterday would of reloaded in the sell off. When half panic and sell the other half think fast and buy. Bitcoin has been going this way for a while.

  4. Checked coinmarket and several flagship cryptos like Stellar are up 2-3% per il giorno. “Deadcoins don’t rise at all like dead humans don’t come 2-3% back to life whenever they feel like it.

  5. We are doomed for sure ..crypto is done ..I am moving to treasury bonds as I will not lose long term and I am buying low.

  6. Haha no keep sayingbottom is inand track how many times it drops lower, so far the number is about 16 o 17.

  7. No matter what the market is doing, I’m always happy to listen to Mattie’s voice. You’re such a good presenter man, really upped the quality of this channel when you joined.

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