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The team at Credits are developing a blockchain to compete with the best of them. Does this team have the skills needed to deliver?

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Grazie per la visione!
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Credits ICO ReviewFinancial Blockchain

24 Commenti

  1. 1 million T/S!! dayummmthat is more than Hashgraph is promising. Thanks for the continuous updates!

  2. There are so many new Blockchain infrastures coming out, especially this month. Crediti, Tomocoin, Fabcoin, Seele all ICO’s. How many of these ICO’s will we see in the future? I agree credits fast roadmap and low cap, maybe worth small investment as a flip in my opinion. Thanks for the video 👍

  3. Cheers mate! Should be reviewing Tomo next week, seems quite promising, but yet the space is getting crowded

  4. Worth a small gamble. If they pull it off, limitless potential. If its fails, ah well I doubt I’ll sell for a loss. Grazie per le informazioni.

  5. Watched the team on their website and found many interesting people from IBM. Credits token looks tempting and it’s good that there are many reasons for investment, such as a technical advantage over nearest competitors (Etherium, NEO, Cardano and others) after all Alpha version of CREDITS platform will operate nearly 200K-300K tx/sec, beta will have 400K-600K tx/sec. – eccezionale! I’ll take a slice of that pie.

  6. Molto bene. I have been noticing CS rising faster and faster in price.
    I noticed that also CREDITS code is available on GitHub. What do you think about it? The number of transactions per second is very important thing. Their whitepaper goes into some detal.

  7. Incorrect on both counts

    First off, Hedera Hashgraph was announced 4 days ago. 1 million transaction per second!

    Second of all, Credits is scamming people by stating decentralization with micro seconds per transaction. It is a known fact of the internet that you can’t exceed the speed of information/light. So to connect to hundreds of computers would take seconds and not micro seconds.

    Makes you wonder what else Credits is lying about. Oh and BTW, they are videos on credits that shows evidence they are scamming people.

    The rest is up to you. I don’t care if you get scammed (you get a life lesson out of it), but you deserve the truth.

  8. Supremax67 look at the date of the video/comment before you attempt to sound “inteligente”

  9. This is a great idea which is not enough now for the crypto community. Something similar to the Tokengo project, which will also discuss the various ICO, and even the users of the platform will reward for it.

  10. This will rocket to $280 within the next 2 anni! A good solid project, technology and team.

  11. Awesome review again Lark! Hey man, would you consider doing this with projects like Fr8 Network and/or Muirfield IP? I’m seeing a lot online about these, and they look very interesting. Grazie uomo!

  12. Credits will rocket upwards in 2018-2019, already securing many partnerships in 4.5 mesi, including Sparkster!

  13. Would be enticing if the ico is seeking regulatory reqt , especially if it’s finance industry more than that high speed transactions. check instead Formosa Financial. It’s in regular discussion with regulators and Taiwan Central Bank Officials in exploring digital currency initiatives.

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