Creator.AI ICOPutting the Power in the Hands of Creators

Best Crypto Broker == ► Start Here is creating a protocol to put the power back into the hands of content creators, and is being launched by the team at Captiv8. Industry experience, a strong team, and a novel approach all make and ICO worth having a look into.

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Creator.AI ICOPutting the Power in the Hands of Creators

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  1. I’m HODLIN’ Cardano but TRON’s name keeps poppin’ up everywhere! Esp Tron’s main net will go live in 10 giorni! So bought a bag today! The bulls are at the gates! 🇺🇸👍✌️ Also CEO of Tron was a student and coworker of Jack Ma of Alibaba a possible support from Alibaba is coming in! Tron and Cardano to Mars! 🇺🇸👍✌️ Tron is mooning right now!!!

  2. Exciting technology, a great example of leveraging the blockchain to remove useless profit-taking middlemen from the creator-advertiser relationship. I’m in! Thanks for the share dude. Also there’s a lot in a name and is a great url snag.

  3. Can you do a review of Graft Network? This point of sale solution could lead to mass adoption.

  4. What’s different about this compared to howdoo? And given its ai related what about this vs matrix or daneel ?

  5. They are talking about disrupting content, but won’t build their own blockchain/ETH sidechain/Plasma integration, eccetera. I’m ready to stake my house on

  6. Great review. però, I’ve moved away from investing in projects with big teams/advisers (especially advisers). Too many mouths to feed

  7. Greeting from TongaHey Lark thanks for the vid. Super interesting project. Heavy need for this type of project and although they obviously have competition (and probably more to come) it looks like it already has its network effect built in with their current partnerships. Another partnership that they could line up in the future could be NOIA if they can deliver on their promises. Could be a formidable combination. I have moved them up on my research list….thanks for the heads up.Cheers and stay warm J.
    P.S. Been meaning to ask, did I hear you mention a cheese business?

  8. As in Cashew cheese etc? Jules and I fell in love with cashew cheese when we lived in Palau. It was made at a beautiful vegan restaurant in the middle of the jungle, we had eagerly anticipated its arrival for nearly two years …..only to have it finally open about 3 months before we moved to Tonga.

  9. Thanks for the great points. Looking forward to seeing what platform the community receives the best.

  10. Ludovic Chenneberg These channels do reviews for people that PAY them. (sponsored) This is like a 3000 dollar advert.

  11. Ludovic Chenneberg I would if I couldbut I find it hard or unfair to pay for a review. I only trust reviews that are made out of interest and not for money. If you have budget and need a review, why not make your own explanation video and save money? Just my opinion but I think an ad should be an ad.

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