Covesting ICO Review | Better Than CoinDash?

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This is a Sponsored ICO Review. With that being said, we only feature ICOs that we think in our opinion has potential.

Covesting is an emerging cryptocurrency trading and investing platform that is being engineered by some seasoned banking professionals. The core team is well versed in Foreign Exchanges, Futures, Options, and many other types of mainstream investing. They are betting that their technology will enable more people to enter the cryptocurrency trading space, as well as free up many of the other tokens that are in circulation for their intended uses.

The team over at Covesting reached out to us to talk about their project earlier this week and gave us some information on their project. These are our preliminary impressions of their platform, and their current ICO (which is going on through January 15, 2018).

Drop us some comments below on what you would like us to ask their team, if we can get an interview lined up.

Covesting ICO Review | Better Than CoinDash?

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  1. Notification gang! Have you checked out Latium ICO yet, Steve? John McAfee is on the advisor team.

  2. Altcoin Buzz hi altcoin buzz..great job you guys do. Check out this new ico calledsingularity net.Might be something there..👍

  3. you should have sold into the recovery yesterdaywas last chance to exit before we go down to test prior lows…. if those hold you will be ok, altrimenti… look out below.

  4. Though you put the disclaimer in the description, it would be greatly appreciated if you included it in the video as well. Otherwise it feels slightly misleading, though I’m sure that wasn’t your intent. Thanks for all the hard work and open dialogue!

  5. I have been following ICO projects for a long time! And at the moment I like the bounty company Metal Factory ICO!

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