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Staking on Masternodes Wars on #Tomochain

Tomochain – Staking on Masternodes Wars

Coinbase Executive: Our Client Data Was Sold By Third-Party Providers

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Confronts #DeleteCoinbase Campaign, Admits Working With Companies That Compromise Customer Data

Announcing the #Enjin Blockchain SDK for Unity: Coming to Ethereum Testnet

Samsung partners with Unity to help games run better on Galaxy S10

Binance Coin Surpasses Tron and Stellar, Reaches All-Time High in Bitcoin

Binance Coin Surpasses Tron and Stellar, Reaches All-Time High in Bitcoin

#Litecoin Foundation’s Xinxi Wang says Proof-of-Stake has no visible advantage over Proof-of-Work

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Coinbase, litecoin, Tomochain, motori, Binance – Crypto Notizie

22 Commenti

  1. Any and all platforms out of China will eventually goto zero. Never invest in anything from China. Tomochain is on the list.

  2. In the parking lot at work in Ohio listening to your show and looking over the 8 masternodes that I stake in on Tomochain and checking which one I should rotate out of and which one to get into next currently one needs 160,000 TOMO to run as a masternode

  3. I LOVE TOMO very impressed with the project thus far & really excited for the new client update & updated roadmap this Wednesday. :))

  4. blockchain in gaming!!! uomo, no more lagging loading screens.

    next video should be one pointing out all the all ico breaking into the gaming industry.

  5. Do you believe everything you read from a bunch of Chinese hustlers? How much do you have invested in this pile of crap?

  6. +Michael Lagonia I admit when I’m wrong. This one might well be Vietnamese. But this is where it gets worse; Vietnamese are among the top con artists I’ve ever encountered. That entire Vietnamese culture is based on deceit and dishonesty. I have spent more time over that than you’ve been alive. It has nothing to do with being racist and everything to do with the way businesses is conducted in specific far east countries. I’m married to an Asian girl.

  7. +Michael York lol dude I honestly don’t care. I’m not invested in it. Just the blatant and blind racism. Just because the chinese government is shady with their businesses doesn’t mean a team made up of Chinese techs are shady. And sayingI have an Asian wifesounds a WHOLE lot like sayingits not racist, I have a black friend”. Call me old fashioned, but if you’re lumping an entire race or ethnicity into a narrative then that is literally the definition of fucking racist.

  8. How do I know if they have sold my data?
    Has it compromised my security?
    Who did they sell my data to?
    What recourse have I got?
    Is a class action likely against Coinbase?

  9. What could be wrong with defending your own network,with legit hackers. Coinbase has gotten politically to large.Here come the success police.

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