ULTIME NOTIZIE! I fondi sono Safu? Binance Syscoin API HACK? 1 SYS = 96 BTC??

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L'API Syscoin got hacked, e 11 Syscoin units got sold for 96 BTC on Binance!

Binance has suspended withdrawals.

fonte: https://www.chepicap.com/en/news/1858/syscoin-asks-exchanges-to-halt-trading-due-to-possible-issue-with-the-blockchain.html

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ULTIME NOTIZIE! I fondi sono Safu? Binance Syscoin API HACK? 1 SYS = 96 BTC??

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Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

36 Commenti

  1. Just what I need to hear as I get ready for work at 6am!! Just when the market was picking up too!

  2. Hmm, the timing of Blue Protocol stirring up FUD about flaws in the blockchains of the top 50 e questo “incidentare a bitodd. Conspiracy, maybe not, but it’s worth noting.

  3. Was waiting for Kunal to notice the date of blue protocol announcement. Sad that he didnt realize that there is 2 day gap between both incidents and blue protocol didnt made any public announcement the next day as they tweeted.

  4. BayAreaLen Classic There is no relation between the incidents.
    1. Il 2 incidents happened in 2 days gap.
    2. Blue protocol didnt made any public announcement as they promised(Its been 3 days since they tweeted)
    3. Syscoin is not in top 50.

    It is a classic marketing/attention seeking announcement from a new player that they know the issues and they can help.

  5. what about the mana pump?

    Something fishy there too imo.

    stop saying safu!! it sounds stupid

  6. OTT2OWN you also have to remember BTC addresses can be followed. BTC is not completely anonymous

  7. paul lindsay I actually though you can’t withdraw that amount at once? Binance has withdrawl limits on place I thought?

  8. SYScoin is NOT in TOP 50 marketcap and is not an ERC20 token. So all information are wrong.

  9. Syscoin *was not* hacked. The devs simply noticed numerous transactions involving a single bag of ~45m SYS being moved repeatedly across addresses, so they rightly chose to perform due diligence (which in crypto is sadly lacking, SYS being an exception). TXs were legit. Likely an exchange wallet (Binance?). Some people are looking at the sum of these transactions involving a single bag and saying “1 billion coins mined!” e “51% attacco!” which makes no sense because SYS is merge-mined with BTC – 51% attacking SYS would require the same hashing power as that of attacking BTC. Didn’t happen. Not happening. Ancora, Syscoin wasn’t hacked. Strictly a Binance issue. What people should notice is Syscoin’s willingness and capability to perform prompt due diligence, and the security of how it is mined.

  10. I know what you guys are thinking but if you sold any of your Syscoin at that moment, cops would be at your door at this moment.

  11. DarkCrypto SYScoin Exactly, it is ome of their coins which they promote in this group. Hence they are trying to connect 2 incidents occured occured in 2 days gap to somehow make a news out of it.

  12. There are already official news that SYScoin was not compromisedPower of Bitcoin mergemining. it would require really lot of hash power to do any kind of attack on SYScoin.

  13. How can an api key hack on binance be connected with sys blockchain? I just don’t get it!

  14. Lots of reasons. For one, it’s factually the fastest and most scalable functioning asset/token platform in existence. Its unique Z-DAG provides asset transfers faster than Dash’s InstantSend and at TX fees costing mere hundredths of a one US cent. Devs accomplished this by coupling a DAG model with using masternodes as high-speed transaction relays, and Proof of Work for finality and high double-spend protection. No other chain has this capability at present. Inoltre, anyone can create tokens within seconds, and they’re highly configurable (fungible/non-fungible, interest bearing, metadata e.g. serial# of a specific gold bar, eccetera). And that’s just the asset platform. Existing Syscoin tech is already far beyond what many ICOs have only promised to provide in their white papers. A number of projects have chosen to launch on the Syscoin platform, and one very substantial airdrop (CoinPayments Coin) has already been distributed.

  15. Quantstamp manually audits coins. Blue has a SDK that can automatically detect smart contract flaws. 2 totally different things.

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