Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphone Full Review

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Headphone review here! I hope that it is helpful and informative. If you have any questions regarding the headphones, please feel free to ask. The headphones are available here:

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Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphone Full Review

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Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

17 Commenti

  1. +Rogério Rocha Hello, Rogério! An EQ tool is any sort of digital software that allows for frequencies (cioè. Base, treble, middle) to be changed in regard to music and other things audio related. It isn’t included with the headphones, but many apps offer this function if you are interested. Thank you for watching!

  2. Così, what are the cons of these phones? How are they at silent environment, like bedroom, is there noticeable hiss or any whining or something?

  3. +jaybee0507 They really don’t have any noticeable hissing or strange sound emission. The noise cancellation is a huge step up from previous Boswell headphone models, and is actually super effective at blocking out ambient sound. It does a great job with no drawbacks.

  4. +TechCrackHouse
    Grazie! I am still sceptical are these better than sennheiser momentum wireless. Have you tried them? I know the noise cancel is supposed to be better, but like overall? They are the same price here where i live.

  5. Ciao, I would like to use it also with my laptop for Skype talks. May you check it works good this way?

  6. +ViacheslavStudio hello! I think that the headphones would work for this application.

  7. +Cyril Aubry My watch is a Citizen eco-drive! I think that the exact model has been discontinued, sadly. Grazie per la visione!

  8. Ciao,
    The issue here is a bit tricky as all Bluetooth headphones will work this way, but as long as using the mic they usually switch to a horrible mono mode, while using the mic. This way my question here is these headphones will still be in a stereo Bluetooth profile while using mic on a PC laptop?
    Answer I’m expecting here isI’ve checked and it works in perfect stereo mode in Skype on my laptop!” 🙂

  9. Only con I would say is that, you cannot turn off the noise cancellation and use as wireless. You need to be wired, to use it without NC. Why even do that? Because sometimes you get phone calls, and you don’t want to speak out too loud

  10. White and tan look so much more stylishthat was an ‘okreview but that damn music man tone it down you have a good voice no need to drown it out with extreme background music if you have to introduce music make it subtle!

  11. Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I am considering doing a revised version with quieter music.

  12. +TechCrackHouse It might be a good idea considering these cans will be a popular viewing point right nowyour voice is ideal for this stuff i’m sure you’ll do well..

  13. Hiya, I just bought the QC35 last week and still getting used to them. Like yourself I had the QC15 and they are actually still going EXTREMELY strong after EIGHT years! But I thought it was time for an upgrade and the wireless functionality was the big appeal on the QC35. I do have a couple of gripes with QC35. The volume could be louder. I have got the song at full volume on my phone and, whilst the noise cancellation sounds amazing, the volume i am allowed could be louder (even though I can’t hear the outside world) And I do notice that sometimes during songs there is a millisecond of a break in the song as if the bluetooth connectivity was lost but then suddenly restored, and again it just happens for a split second but can happen during every couple of songs or even twice during any tune. And finally they do feel a lotbulkierthan the QC15’s. The QC15’s sat on your ear as opposed to these which are obviously over ear and I guess they had to fit in the bluetooth technology somewhere so they do seem quite big when I am wearing them. Finally I feel quite vulnerable wearing themwhat i mean is, as there is no chord, they could be snatched from my head by a mugger in a second. Va bene, maybe that’s just me and my paranoia! But sound wise, they are absolutely amazing. Re the discussion on the price, I don’t think that’s a discussion. If anybody knows Bose then they will expect a high price but will get what they pay for in quality so even with all the previous gripes they are still a good purchase

  14. You will not hear the noise canceling software working at all. You will only hear silence.

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