Bitcoin will EXPLODE in 2018 – Ecco perché

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2018: The Year Central Banks Begin Buying Cryptocurrency



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Bitcoin will EXPLODE in 2018 – Here's Why

36 Commenti

  1. I have been subbed for a while and this video deserves a comment. I believe the same realizations you just expressed have left the central banks sleepless since September. Very succinct presentation. Thanks for the hard work.

  2. You just copied an article and turned it into the video lol. atleast give the author credit

  3. 1. *RAIBLOCKS* (post-blockchain DAP tech, superfast, feeless, decentral)
    2. NON
    3. LTC
    4. BTC/BCC (slow, industrial country scale energy use).

  4. I think this is the last chance for regular people to invest in Bitcoin, because after some days they will invest only in satoshis.

  5. Everybody need to understand that Bitcoin is not a US currency, and the majority of Bitcoin holders are not Americans.

  6. Of course it’ll explode. What’s the alternative? Debt economy? I live in the rust belt. There’s nothing out here that pays what crypto pays. I took some logo design jobs.

  7. Reality Check a global currency will someday be the norm. I believe that crypto currency is the answer. Might not be Bitcoin, but something similar.

  8. If anyone say they KNOW what will happen to a cryptocurrency, they are wrong. Nobody knows for sure. Some may have more educated guesses. But if someone say they know, you should know you cannot trust them.

  9. però, one can calculate the probabilities. Even then, it’s practically impossible to make good predictions because we’re too human. But trust me, it has been done and can be done. purtroppo, those who hold the best predictions are often also those who hold the most influence.

  10. Will explode?……..yeah if the ones that “essere” keep feeding newbie lies so the oldies in the coin can make some money. diffidare, for someone to “rendere”money someone else is “perdere” i soldi.

    Wealth isn’t created, its just moved around…….usually from some poor blokes hands to make the rich richer.

  11. sono d'accordo! This information is purely speculative, as is stated in the video.

  12. I’ve actually been saying this for a while now. Only because it’s the quickest way yo make a profit

  13. Guys, do you invest in cryptocurrencies? Chech it out:
    You buy coin when low price, and after couple of minutes sell it 50-60% higher price. It’s for free, you just have to invite some people to get the info about coin faster then others.

  14. $11,750 on Tuesday Feb 20th to $9450 and falling on Sunday Feb 25the 2018, still waiting for that explosion

  15. It’s now the end of 2018 and btc has cratered beyond belief. Btc didn’t explode, it instead imploded. This guy was 180 degrees wrong!!!

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