Bitcoin Whales Moving Profit into Ripple?

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Bitcoin Money appears to be moving into Ripple as Bitcoin wahles also take profit off the table, as the bull market slows down for the whales to take their profits. The bear is still asleep but always lingering.

Bitcoin Whales Moving Profit into Ripple?

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  1. Jeffffffffffffffffffffff please do a live stream brother, the crypto currency world are going down fast, definitely I’m waiting to buy

  2. I started trading crypto about 2 weeks ago and all of your vids are very helpful to a neophyte like me.

    So far I put $100 on XVG and I’m gonna hodl that until January and see how its doing then.

    Ancora, thanks for all of the vids.

  3. I’m losing so much confidence trying to trade when the whales are playing. It’s a great time to buy altcoins, but how can you buy altcoins when you lose most of your profits when the market does a 180 degree flip?

  4. I’m not worried at all. If you believe in cryptos then there’s no reason to panic and should just hodl. If anything, this is a buying opportunity. I will say, I do wish I didn’t buy coins 3 hours before the dip lol.

  5. intendere – Don’t sell, don’t panic, don’t take a loss, don’t FUDThe numbers will go back up! Give it time.

  6. My man hammer it in, thats right. You want in the market or not. What do you want. Exactly!!! To Decentralize or to centralize, that is the question haha

  7. Just wanted to say thank you, you have really helped me with everything. I’m a sponge now. Thanks again for your helpful knowledge brother. Keep It flowing!

  8. Let the whales manipulate the market. If you can read their patterns, it’s an opportunity for you.

  9. NTGNatural i have no idea how i can buy altcoins without buying btc first and putting it on an exchange
    Im 17 so coinbase isnt an option to me, im relying on local meetups to get crypto and they only sell btc

  10. Libertarians be like, ” we want free market.But after financial investing whales manipulate, then suddenly, “we need regulations!!”

  11. Without whales vola volatility would dramatic and practically random. Seems like these whales are just beginning their learning curve, like I did last month

  12. Very accurate and comforting for those that don’t understand how the market worksYou PANIC, you Lose!

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