Bitcoin Balene Crash Prezzo Utilizzando stesse tattiche sporche & Era Satoshi Un cartello Signore?

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Bitcoin whales make another massive manipulation crashing the price, was Satoshi a cartel lord, localbitcoins makes a move against cash, and Binance DEX geoblocking Americans.

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Bitcoin Balene Crash Prezzo Utilizzando stesse tattiche sporche & Era Satoshi Un cartello Signore?

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37 Commenti

  1. this is why etf keeps getting delayed and formal markets think of crypto as wild westalthough to be fairthis happens in formal markets as well but it is just more convoluted

  2. I don’t mind a good whale dump, gives the little guys like me a good opportunity to stack more sats

  3. Australian government is very crypto friendly. No such regulation issues. No parliamentarians calling for a ban. Useless with other internet privacy rules (although that is the US using Australia as a 5 eyes partner to test these rules) but very crypto friendly. 🇦🇺🙏🏻

  4. sì, the wall street games make this look like kids playing in a sand box, but still not awesome for regulators to look at

  5. Well they can tax on it, where that money wouldn’t exist with out cripto because normal investments are a waste of time.

  6. Stati Uniti d'America! Stati Uniti d'America! Stati Uniti d'America! slightly freer than Iran and North Korea. Keeping good company…. good for you!

  7. Looking to dollar cost average and ‘buy the fear’.

    Bitcoin halving hype getting closer….🌔🛸

  8. BTC men need to stand strong and these disgusting (((manipulators))) won’t gain from their antics. Be strong ffs. Weak hands are the reason why the banks have been screwing us over for so long.

  9. +Tony Neville try buying kazucoin or one of their family coins. They supposedly holding the price down a slow as they can while they get the volume in. You can see how it keeps bouncing. Once they let go then all those that missed out in bitcoin will be able to catch up.

  10. +Thánh Ăn Dị Phẩm pretty sure I just said in one of my earlier replies that not only am i willing to wait til 2030, it’s my gameplan to wait til 2030, I’m all for mass adoption, but I don’t have thousands of $$ to pump into crypto so I’ve got no problems at all with with the price slowing down or even going backwards for a bit, the whales aren’t the only ones who win from the dips they make. If you’re looking to get rich tommorrow then maybe crypto isn’t your thing, long haul stack and rack sats til they get fat is the thing, tax time is coming up so a dip right now lowers my capital gains tax.
    It’s new investors, non savvy investors and day traders that get burned cos they come in and buy high, then stupidly sell low instead of hodling and then winge about losing, you can only lose if you sell low. Never invest what you can’t afford to loseno matter what you’re investing in, and be ready to hold on tight to those sats and ride those volatile waves.
    People panic selling causes more damage than the whale, if everybody just stood thier ground and held on tight to those sats instead of panic selling at every whale splash they’d come out on top.

  11. Once the market cap is in the trillions like the stock martket, this won’t happen anymore.

  12. Makes sense for a cartel boss who’s also a coding genius to create a peer to peer payment system so as to skirt AML rules.

  13. +OZGamer They didn’t panic sell. Mostly got liquidated in bitmex, bitfinex, which drove the prices lower

  14. +King that’s what started it, but then hows it filter out to all the other exchanges all over the world where prices are set by bids and asks, like the Aussie exchange i’m on if people didn’t panic sell or we’re silly enough to sell low on those other exchanges? If people just hodled or kept thier asks high wouldn’t that stop the dip in it’s tracks? or am I misunderstanding how it works?

  15. +OZGamer – Because you’re new to crypto and don’t have much money to accumulate bitcoin during the past 2-3 anni, but I have done enough and been waiting for a massive bump to take some profits. Only dumb people are trying to buy bitcoin all the way up to the next 10 years without taking profits. Ask yourself a question, let’s say yesterday bitcoin’s bump at $20k and today it drops to $19k. Are you going to buy it at $19k per coin?, because you think it’s a good chance for accumulation? If you answer yes, then I don’t know what your IQ level is at. To be honest, people are in crypto because of making good profits in a short amount of time ( I meant 3-5 years are long enough to take profit) , not over a decade or so and I believe that not many people or even big players understand and care what the heck about mass adoption or how the blockchain does.

  16. I strongly believe the whale is actually Bitmexit profits not only from the shorting/longing but also from liquidations

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