Bitcoin Portafoglio – Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue

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Assicurati che il tuo denaro è al sicuro!
Fissare le monete con un portafoglio di hardware!
Prendi il Ledger Nano S

Si prega di piacere, sottoscrivi, e condividere se hai trovato questo utile!
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Grazie per la visione!

Bitcoin Portafoglio – Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue

10 Commenti

  1. Eccezionale.
    Great review.
    Ordered my Ledger Nano S, can’t wait.
    Bitfinex is OK now to hold, I use my USB 2FA, so yeah.


    If you have the seed words you can recover the wallet on any other compatible wallet and use your funds from there and or send it on to a new wallet.
    The most important thing about crypto is that you need to always be in control of the private keys. If you are, it means that you can control the funds. It does not matter which wallet you use, just as long as you control the private keys.
    With a Ledger you control the private keys as you have the seed words from which all private keys were derived. If Ledger goes out of business and their site close down or their software is no longer updated then you just stop using it. Use the seed words and recover your wallet on any other compatible wallet and continue using your funds on the new wallet.

  3. Pretty much just read what’s on the web site. I expect a reviewer to actually have the products being reviewed and provide additional insight and perspective not available by simply reading the website.
    Fast forward to 4:12 for the actual review to begin.

  4. So if I would have lets say 3 BTC. would it be safe to store them all on 1 nano ledger s? Do they guarantee the device will also still work in 10 anni?

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