Bitcoin Victories in Zimbabwe, Polonia, and The Marshall Islands – Crypto Notizie

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in questo video, we talk about what's happening in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
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RBZ bans bitcoin trading

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Polish Finance Ministry backpedals on crypto tax, promises smarter regulation

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Bitcoin Victories in Zimbabwe, Polonia, and The Marshall Islands – Crypto Notizie

26 Commenti

  1. I have s feelingit’s just a feelingBTC is down because everyone is actually buying Alt coins instead….

  2. If you aren’t positive you invested more than you can lose. I throw my spare change and diverse as much as possible. And stay away from shady unknown exchanges.

  3. I had a call from fake coinbas Customer service from INDIA. They will give me 15% off bitcoin. I talked to them for 30 minutes and then; went off on thim. They also call stating they are calling from IRS. Get calls like that all the times.

  4. MYB is top 100 now. You should cover it. I’ve been talking about it for months! It’s going to do well even in the bear market IMO.

  5. The problem with diversification in crypto is everything is tied to BTC so if that goes up or down so do your other investments.

  6. No all the altcoins follow BTC, prices everything is down because BTC is down, if BTC goes back up so will the altcoins.

  7. Hey Matt. Thanks for the mention of SOV in The Marshall Islands. I lived there for 2 years on Kwajalein Atoll, which is one of the many island chains (atolls) that make up the RMI. Kwajalein island is actually a U.S. Army base where space and missile defense testing takes place. Everybody that lives onKwajare Americans (Army, Army Civilians, Contractors) and they are following this SOV news very carefully. If you ever want to get the pulse of the Kwaj residents, respective to this issue, feel free to Like the Kwaj Net Facebook page and join the conversations. I manage the page and other Kwaj Net web properties.

  8. It’s sad to see my ancestors home land destroyed from the U.S. government smhGod bless my home land, people’s🙏💪

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