Bitcoin Price Will RECOVER SUBSTANTIALLY Soon – Ecco perché!

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Bitcoin Price Will RECOVER SUBSTANTIALLY Soon – Ecco perché!

31 Commenti

  1. people are losing interest and the whales and exchanges attempts to prop it it up and suck in more dumb money has failed.

  2. what proof is there that these investments are coming in ? All I have seen is the entire market is going down.

  3. ☘️☘️Top of the Day /Night begorrah wherever you are Crypto people ☘️☘️☘️Hold Hold Hold Hold ☘️☘️ Crypto Granny U.K. and Ireland ….Il tempo lo dirà

  4. You need to stop this nonsense of huge investors coming into the market. I have heard this now for about 7 months already. Remember Wall Street is not your friend.

  5. Bel video: D
    For those looking for a good site for the aidrops:
    No registration required, the site is super easy to use!
    I suggest it to you 😉

  6. i know right? im just gonna unsubscribe, i tried giving time to the channel to get back into its old atmosphere and the interesting topics but it seems like it is never gonna happen

  7. I feel so reassured now 🙂 This dude actually mentioned John McAfee more than once, that’s an automatic disqualification of TechHouse’s credibility. Whose his next source, Roger View? Adios amigos.

  8. Patience, patience, bitcoin is very very small right now. When the public fully accepts it, watch out, it will move quickly.

  9. Institutions have talked about adoption, but they have not gotten in. In fact there much more people are selling it than buying it, which is why the price has dropped from $20,000 to the $7500 where we are now.

  10. he is wrong all the investigations into price manipulation by state and federal investigations for price manipulation is going to bottom it out and bear it out i pulled out and deposited in the bank

  11. The low market cap is a blessing, it allows so many new people to get in if they had some balls, those that do not will regret it in a year or two when we are all sitting pretty in our positions and our knowledge from the new financial beast system as a whole.

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