Bitcoin Price To Overtake Gold, ETF & Censorship – BTC & Crypto Notizie

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsBitcoin to overtake gold, special interview with Rob Viglione to discuss Zencash rebrand to Horizen, Bitcoin ETFs are still in the news, bank launches stablecoin, Germany mulls moving away from US led financial system, and the fight against censorship continues.

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Bitcoin oro

Bitcoin ETF

SEC Says It Will ‘ReviewBitcoin ETF Rejections


BitMEX Leases The World’s Most Exorbitant Offices In Hong Kong

Bank Crypto


Banca Mondiale



Whistle Blower



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Bitcoin Price To Overtake Gold, ETF & Censorship – BTC & Crypto Notizie

27 Commenti

  1. Great video my man! Always delivering great information not in a boring way. Keep up the hard work

  2. Love the Zencashnow Horizen project! Great things happening with this grassroots project.

  3. Don’t forgetthose who bought Bitcoin in 2018 whether at $6000 o $19000 are considered geniuses . In a sense, they have some understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain to be convinced to buy in. Those who didn’t buy in and hodl don’t understand the power of this technology and where it is going.

  4. This was such an amazing episode. I love you turning people onto Abby, and love how the episode flowed. Now to mention I double love how the interview with Horizen is not in the title.

  5. Gonna take a long time to overtake Gold & Fiatneither will disappear completely but that’s not the point. 10% of the Gold market as it currently stands = $60K per bitcoin. Payments or no payments future, BTC remains the most secure & immutable form of “i soldi” or a store of wealth OUTSIDE the current, corrupt, dying system. Its been here for 9 anni…I don’t think its going awaySurvival is one of the key characteristics of durable money and so far, for BTC at least, so good.

  6. One of the main reasons i got into Bitcoin, is the political uncertainty that prevails in the world today and if all hell break lose we need a store of value and a medium of exchange..thats why i think Bitcoin is gonna be huge and also Gold and silver gonna be important in future too.

  7. Lark was born to deliver crypto news. Good presence, good delivery, intelligent dude. I usually click the like button then go on to listen to his video. Never disappointed . Thank you for your hard work

  8. The last bear market was about 18 months long. followed by accumulation and basically 24 months of a bull market. Bear markets can last for a long time. its ok

  9. “…and beyooond!” 😀
    Glad to see Rob Viglione joining you here with a quick update about Horizen (formerly ZenCash).

  10. If you don’t understand at least the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and yet you’re buying bitcoin for $6,700You’re an idiot. People don’t get rich by following the hype. That’s how people lose. People get rich by taking advantage of the bear markets and know exactly what it is they are investing in.

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