Bitcoin Price Surge with $150 Millon Tether Minted – criptovaluta Notizie

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Bitcoin has been locked in $600 range for the past 7 giorni, però, following the $150 million worth of newly minted Tether, BTC might surge again soon. Mattie is also looking at Nasdaq stepping up its crypto game.
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Bitcoin Price Surge with $150 Millon Tether Minted – criptovaluta Notizie

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  2. Please tell meQuandldoesn’t stand forquant” e “Hodl” 😂 super cheesy 😂

  3. Bad news for bitcoin ,danish news came this morning with btc creates more co2 Than Many countrys produces Together not great for btc,so it is wery bad for all minable coins

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  5. @yu li but the point in what i said was that there is a chance people will not invest in btc and minable coins Because of the co2 regardless if it is true or not there is a Green wave rolling over europe just look at my country Denmark people are Going nuts wirh the klimat

  6. Please change the title toBitcoin Price TO** Surge IF/WHEN** $150 Millon Tether Minted”. When I read it the title, you made me think bitcoin price already went up

  7. Tether didn’t mint anything. They straight up issue their coins with no proof actual dollars were received before they did it. They still haven’t produced a verifiable audit of their funds on hand to prove they have $1 for every coin issued. Tether is a joke that needs to go away for the cryptosphere to evolve properly.

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    *Try harder next time*

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  16. Why would Tether printing boosting the price of BTC be a good thing? Not a verynaturalmovement

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