Bitcoin Prezzo Surge, Pause $8,800! Prossima fermata $9,800 – criptovaluta Notizie

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Bitcoin price breaks $8,800, closing in on $9,000! Mattie is also looking at Facebook's Global Coin and their recent funding from Uber, Visa, and Pypal. Finalmente, Mattie talks about Binance banning its services in USA.

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Bitcoin Prezzo Surge, Pause $8,800! Prossima fermata $9,800 – criptovaluta Notizie

15 Commenti

  1. Will Globalcoin become the new US dollar standard? Bitcoin will become the new gold? In entrambi i casi, doesn’t look good for XRP.

  2. Just watch the 200 day SMA….sì ….now figure in notable current events. …if you can do this you can predict the market. So even when the 200 day SMA said bear in February the news/current events/changing sentiment was all bull… if you went bull in February (like me) you are ahead. We are in a long bull market. …next step is watch and be ahead when market will top. …there will be chaos and hype of 100k bitcoin ….it will not reach that….it will be time to get out even though the 200 day SMA still says strong bull. ..for now and for months to come we are bull….you are lucky to read what I have said.

  3. Let’s see In-QTel launches a centralized(?) stable coin as a sidebar in its big data division, becomes darling of the banks and traditional payment processors…si, I’d say so.

  4. So if trend line 4year like clock work .how high will they rig it .? 50k 100k or 200k that’s the question and when lol

  5. We can all read headlines….. The thing that made this channel was Jeff giving information about what he feels is the best. Mattie you repeat what we all read. Alotcoin Buzz has started failing because you don’t give us any information we don’t know, nor things to look forward to,

  6. I am not really in confidence on FB crypto. I really dont think it will be successful. look at what happened when FB went on the stock market.

  7. I got 0.05 and hacker willi helped me generate 16bitcoinI REALLy appreciate him thanks sir
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  8. If global coin is a stable coin will it even be worth investing in if the price does not move?

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