Bitcoin PREZZO SURGE, 400-giorno alta, $10K in arrivo! ETH a $300 – Crypto Notizie

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Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market continues to surge! BTC broke $9,8k this morning and it is now headed to $10K. Ethereum is also pumping and it is getting closer to $300. The overall crypto market just broke $300 billion as well! If this isn't a bull run, cosa è?
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Bitcoin PREZZO SURGE, 400-giorno alta, $10K in arrivo! ETH a $300 – Crypto Notizie

28 Commenti

  1. I am starting to feel like there will not be an alt season. People are smarter this time and won’t just throw money at any and every alt coin.

  2. The first to market alt coins like most of the the top 20 should do well but i agree the rest are probably sh*t coins to avoid

  3. Libra is going to have a chilling affect on Bitcoin because Bitcoin is not backed by anything while Libra will do what Bitcoin was supposed to do as long as you don’t get banned by Facebook.

  4. Don’t you just hate the termFOMO”…. It just cheapens the genuineness of BTC’s value. These things are so rare and people will regret not buying 1 BTC for the rest of their lives, starting very soon. Many already are. I was in this game when BTC was between $100-$200 and even looked at it when it was down around $10-$30 but didn’t touch it thenand so I regret not loading up at $30, but I did load up in early hundreds (thankfully). Many will regret not buying 0.1 BTC one daywhen they could have afforded it”. $10k is nothing. Hundreds of K coming. This FOMO term is just cheap talk.

  5. Have always been bullish on $MCO though not so much on $CRO because it seemed like a distraction. But maybe now is a good time to relook and analyse $CRO with the airdrop unlock dump seeming lesser.

  6. Tobi Jo I like your outlook on the whole picture!!! Yea when I got into it at 700 I had 6 coins but I also had a friend doing the investment for me and he got scared n pulled out around 2,500 bc he thought it would tank.. after that I started doing my own research n made almost 23k last bull run but I lost bc I never took out 😬😬😬 hopefully this time I sell t the right time lmao

  7. @Anhtuan Estevez I am sure you will find the right timing for it. Ti auguriamo tutto il meglio! Greetings from Germany.

  8. Libra will only be used for facebook messenger and whatsapp. Bitcoin will be used for payments, store of value, and transfer large amounts of money. Libra will be pegged to us dollar which has inflation, btc doesnt. Libra is centralzied and fbook is known to data harvest and spy on you. Btc is 100% decentralized and is completely safe. Your arguments are invalid

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