Bitcoin PREZZO PROSSIMA SETTIMANA soffierà MINDS dell'investitore – Questo è incredibile PROVA BULL RALLY non è finita

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Bitcoin PREZZO PROSSIMA SETTIMANA soffierà MINDS dell'investitore – Questo è incredibile PROVA BULL RALLY non è finita

23 Commenti

  1. Я советую всем вам обратить внимание на ICO TELEGRAM. Этот токен сразу попадет в ТОП-10 криптовалюты coinmarcetcap. Буквально 85% токенов продаются за пару дней

  2. Didn’t hear anything aboutnext week”? The TA says the opposite for next week BTW

  3. I made such an experiment) I bought Gram tokens for $1000 from the Telegram on and I will wait exactly till 31-th of December, 2019. What you think how many X-es I will make?

  4. I don’t think anyone knows what they are talking about! These Channels make Really Good money!!! when the California gold rush in the 1850’s happen everyone rushed there to get rich!! Most found nothing! But guys who sold shovels and hot meals always got Rich!

  5. The superbull! Saying going to 100 thousand in month would have to make it do something it has never done. It will go 100 but in 2 anni.

  6. Autore, there is no need to wait for the start of trading concerning Telegram tokens, it is better to buy them before floatation and make several X-es on guaranteed

  7. Запомните эти слова! Мое послание сможет сделать вас богатым! В этом году токен GRAM от Telegram вырастет минимум в 10-20 раз *www.ньюграм. информация*

  8. don’t scare people with $100k, Bitcoin will very lucky to get to $20k by end of the year.

  9. false analogy. These channels make peanuts off of ads. The Gold Rush made many people (who knew what the hell they were doing, estrazione, and where to mine it) a fortune. sì, there were many idiots who blindly rushed in with shovels to dig holes in the wrong groundbut how this stupidity parallels the simple and easy purchase and holding of BTC escapes me. (because it does not have anything to do with holding this asset. .) …Your silly Soundbites are not knowledge, wisdom, or understanding of ANYTHING relating to this situation. BTC is going up because a very strong collective delusion has been established in the world population. Anyone who understands this and buys now will be very happy in 5 anni, and they don’t need to buy shovels or dig holes or find the precious metals. They simply need a coinbase account and some worthless fiat to buy the BTC with. Your comment was pointless, clueless, and irrelevant. Go buy some BTC YOURSELF…. and stop spreading FUD to poor people who could benefit from the purchase of this asset.

  10. Next round of Bitcoin and Łitecoin mining reward halvings closer each day .🧜🏽‍♀️…..🏝

    Great quote from Łitecoin (and Bitcoin) advocate and Film Producer Kyle Tekiela aka Common Enemy

    COMMON ENEMY ©️ @CommonEnemyInc · 9h You guys. That was just the test pump.

  11. The TechCashHouse Drinking Game. Take a shot every time he says the phraseso anyways” (or variations thereof).

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