Bitcoin prezzo Momentum è folle, Sarà Break Through? India BTC e Altcoin Ban – Crypto Notizie

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Will Bitcoin go sideways for a while or will it break through? This is something Mattie will look into as well as what happened to a father who put everything into bitcoin. Crypto and bitcoin regulation is also a topic today now that India might completely ban bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.
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Will Bitcoin Take a Breather or Blast Through Resistance Again?

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Bitcoin prezzo Momentum è folle, Sarà Break Through? India BTC e Altcoin Ban – Crypto Notizie

21 Commenti

  1. I mean guys, the volume of this entire bull run is laughable compared to 2017. All pumps appear exactly at the end of each major candle, we are in the third month of the pump with no cool down. Il 2017 parabolic pump also lasted only for 3 months and ended with a 1.5 year bear market. Where is the volume?? It is not even accelerating like in 2017. Why we see huge candles with almost no volume popping up right before closing?

  2. Low volume price rise indicates less sellers. People are uncertain about buying as well as the bear market burnt many. They will buy at $20k.

  3. Guys I wouldn’t worry too much about a crypto ban in a country where half the population is so intellectually and infrastructurally removed from the 21st century where they still poo in the streets en masse (India).

  4. Shashwat Gupta I think it indicates whale pumps. Just reminding you guystrees don’t grow to the moon. And certainly don’t grow to the moon in 3 mesi.

  5. Pumps are fueled by alts selling all old money, no new retail investors. Have a feeling whales will dump on our heads again.

  6. BTC is $11 049,71 now and still growing! On linkkoin exchange you will get extra $5 in crypto for one purchase at least for $100.

  7. @Shravan Shetty great job attacking a strawman Shravan. I never even said the other half were particularly intellectual. The median IQ in India is in the 80s which makes it a pretty dull country like most of the 3rd world. And the reason India stays shitty is because it’stalented tenthso to speak all wants to move to the USA, Canada, Australia, eccetera. with their skills and earning potential.

  8. Chill no attack.. just a joke.. but you must agree the intellectual tenth means 140 un milione di persone

  9. In India aloneguys who went to usa canada UK etc are not even counted in the population they are out !

  10. @ChaldeanRU I feel there is new money and interest in the space, it’s an analysis based on several trends. I am not biased and my calculations could be wrong but seems like the bull run is relatively genuine to me.

  11. @Shravan Shetty I don’t think a crypto ban in India will have a large effect in crypto even considering its huge population. Crypto will survive without India. I hope for the sake of Indian people that the ban is not implemented though.

  12. Bene, in 2009, the first Bitcoin units were mined on computers.
    10 years later in 2019, the first Pi units are being mined on phone. È grande!
    50,000 active miners already within 12 settimane.
    First halving was at 1,000 minatori, second was at 10,000. 3rd halving will be in a few days at 100,000 minatori.
    Mining ends after the 6th halving.
    App store and Play store searchPi Network
    Code: Kamimbi

  13. @Shravan Shetty and that’s 140 million non-westerners who can overwhelm the delicate demographics of a lot of white western countries where we want to maintain our cultures and lifestyles (New Zealand, 5 milione) Australia (24 milione). scusate, but develop India and just stay there.

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