Bitcoin Price is Going to EXPLODE in Q2 2018 – Ecco perché

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Bitcoin Price is Going to EXPLODE in Q2 2018 – Here's Why

29 Commenti

  1. after tax time 17th of april the price will come out of a bear market.
    they being the power that be have manipulated the market with negative news to get the price down and once they have paid their taxs and its the new financial year they are going to steak their positions at a reduced rate and corner the crypto market by buying the weak hands sold bitcoin etc. Soros rockerfella and the like are the upper scum of the dirtiest pond

  2. Damn govts are banning cryptos especially in asia india Pakistan . Etc I dont see any charm to invest

  3. Я много читал о и проанализированы популярные монеты и пришли в выводу, что наиболее перспективным маркером в 2018 году будет грамм (телеграмма)-маркер *tokentelegram. чистая*

  4. Im thinking Q2 will experience a major bitcoin price smack down to get rid of all any bearish thoughts before soaring to greater highers

  5. No investor wants to put money in if there is a chance of it going under 5k as they do not want to have their money locked in a loss for months

  6. Bro I love your content but please stop making videos about Bitcoin, I’m sick of them already. You almost come across as someone that wants to create hype (i know you aren’t)

  7. I think you guys got it all wrong. He wants to get in to crypto so he can crash the US dollar while keeping himself safe.

  8. Later it will be Q3 then Q4 then next year truth is no one can tell we can just look at charts crypto market works differently than stock markets or any other thing you know it is a bubble but only grow big will it pop? short time yes long time no one knows. As long as there is greed crypto market will last stock market will last and every future asset will last its all greed my friend.

  9. Vanguardas Vucava Im the opposite. Id give every penny I have in exchange for the freedom of Europe from Islamic refugees…..Soros was behind that too.

  10. Bitcoin is impossible to collapse, due to its difficulty on the blockchain and its supply that is unmanipulated. Soros will see that the Blockchain is the future and will drive up the rarity of supply if he pulls the trigger and invests.

  11. CORRECT , SOROS might just be the person to take BITCOIN to the moon and beyond we should all thank him in advance this might just be the best thing that has happened to the MIGHTY BITCOIN and it’s bright future.

  12. Felipe Araya Oleaand then $1,000 price increase in 30 minutes the next day. Coincidenza…sì, but had you watched this yesterday and had the notion to make an investment, it would’ve paid off quite nicely. Probably drop tomorrow though…ha

  13. We’ve seen the lows and the rest of Q2 will be very kind to investors. They shook us pretty hard, ending in a short squeeze, but with sudden price rise of BTC, they may be emboldened again to try and push down, but the sentiment has changed. Too many altcoins have entered the rising tide and have their own technologies to shout about. Bitcoin dominance will stagnate for a time, but Bitcoin will again rise and be King.

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