Bitcoin Price EruptionFact Analysis

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Bitcoin price and cryptocurrency markets are moving fast, will the bitcoin price follow? This is an analysis of the facts. What are the key factors driving the markets and what are the missing elements that will open the gates for even more investors to come in.

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KUCOIN = 18a8f
HUOBI = b5u43

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Bitcoin Price EruptionFact Analysis

25 Commenti

  1. That was a long 6 mesi. We are due for a long, long good night sleep. Best LNN update toward the positive. Aloha Lark.

  2. Just a time game, I was actually planning this video before yesterday’s spike, but the overall trend is positive

  3. Everybody should watch 09:10 – 09:35 almeno 3 volte. Great encouragement Lark, and of course you are right, it is still very very early. We should not think that only the people who invested below, lets say $100 BTC price, were early. sì, they were smart, but I think only a very limited number of them actually still own BTC. Most of them sold around $4-5k, the very lucky ones around $15-20k. … Go and ask 20 people on the street how many own Bitcoin. I bet it would be 1-2 fuori da 20. If it is so, and considering all the news we hear about development, investor interest etc, then Lark is right, it is early days! 🙂 Happy Hodling!

  4. Excellent commentary Andras. I would absolutely agree that the early ‘smartones may have sold a hefty portion, of their btc, by now. The mistake I find that I have to correct myself on, is kicking myself for not having gotten in earlier and then sold for tangible assets, like I desperately want to own now. My time is coming, but the human side sometimes thinks about the ‘what ifs’, as futile as that is. At least I’ve learned a TON, being in this crypto space, and I know exactly how to play the next move. Have a good one!

  5. In the early days of the Internet it looked so useless to theuntrained eye” (me). I thought its only purpose was to impress other people who were interested in the Internet about how much they know about the Internet. Porn and free music changed my perspective! Crypto will take off much faster because lots of people will make money along the way 2.

  6. Such great reporting. Thanks you for your contribution and the ending where you tell everyone we are so early was perfect. I was showing a doubter from the baby boomer generation and I was just debating that we are just way to early that’s why we see little use case is the mainstream. Then you said that and I can tell it made him feel good. I can tell what you said helped change his mind. We are very early.

  7. I noticed on your Twitter that you were interested in doing an Iota interview . That would be so great!
    Anche, a Qtum update would be splendid. Amate i vostri video. ❤

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