Bitcoin Prezzo Dips, Altcoins al minimo storico! Criptovaluta Market Update e Novità

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Bitcoin price took a​ hit but has now recovered nicely. This is something that Mattie will look into as well as the massive altcoin sale that we are seeing. He will also talk about Britain and the possibility that they might ban crypto derivatives, and finally, he will talk about jobs in the crypto space.
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Bitcoin Prezzo Dips, Altcoins al minimo storico! Criptovaluta Market Update e Novità

19 Commenti

  1. The market has had a normal re-tracement after some great gains. There is continuous good news that gets forgotten by the sensationalist journos reporting mostly cluckbait

  2. amuses me that some random person named moon overlord gets quoted like he knows what hes talking about

  3. ALTS will boomthere are some absolute gems that are due to take off with the boom! ….
    Keep and eye out for Dragonchain! Currently owning the patent for interchain operability and currently inter chaining with BTC- ETH – NEO – ECCETERA… Also a rebrand announcement due on 1st August 🚀🚀

  4. @J B Chainlink and Dragonchain can’t be compared at all.DRG had it’s ATH end of 2017 and totally dropped while LINK just recently had its ATH.😉

  5. @kapatgung I’m just saying it seems when most of retail has forgotten about a project it really takes off out of nowhere

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