Bitcoin Price Bounces Back! Crypto Coin News vs Google, BTC at G20 – criptovaluta Notizie

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Bitcoin bounces back following this weekends retracement. Mattie is also taking a look at how Facebook's crypto might boost BTC's price, CCN shutting down due to Google changing its algorithm, and positive G20 meeting for crypto.
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Bitcoin Price Bounces Back! Crypto Coin News vs Google, BTC at G20 – criptovaluta Notizie

23 Commenti

  1. Facebook’s GlobalCoin is not happy that the $GCN ticker has already been taken. They are going to court with Gcn.zonecheck out GCNs Twitter for more info.

  2. I think this Finman so called crypto millionaire was lucky when he found BTC but plain stupid when he said BTC was dead. And now that bitcoin is rising again he is going to save it, WTF?

  3. What do you think of bitcoin SV and blocks with larger processing power beyond 1 megabyte? I heard CSW talk about it at Oxford on YouTubeand even though I dont particularly like him or trust him the idea seemed fairly solid.,I lost 3BTC when I started trading CRYPTO it was devastating, Mi ero perso fino a quando ho trovato un commento sul grande Mr. CASTRO EDWIN lo ha contattato e ha promesso di aiutarmi non solo di recuperare i miei soldi persi, ma per guadagnare per il resto della mia vita, Ho guadagnato 7BTC in meno di un mese dalla sua tradings.He è così competente , onesto, coerente e di grande esperienza, contattarlo al castroedwin195 @ gmail com o tramite telegramma * @ castroedwin1, ecco anche il suo WhatsApp +1(845)400-7574

  4. UN 2% increase over a weeks period is a bounce back? In just 7 days this channel said bitcoin to 6k? Bitcoin a 40 K, bitcoin to 25kAre we just reading news headlines here now?

  5. Hello there! Thank you for the daily doses! Erik Finman is that teenage kid who made around 3,5 M$ when he was 18! I think he is 20 now. He’s motivation was to adjust the educational system (which I personally find is a great idea). He borrowed his seed investment from his grand pa and paid him back when sold all his BTC. He declared BTC dead in 2018…. Just for your info. (No positive or negative agenda)… 🙂 Keep up the great work.. Here he is :

  6. Finman is the 20year old that took his grandmothers birthday gift to start a college fund of a couple thousand when he was 13 and instead threw it all into bitcoin. He ended up becoming a teenage millionaire since he bought several thousand worth in 2013/2014. He speaks on bitcoin and is given credit by outlets like Forbes because of how he became wealthy at such a young age. però; If you read anything he has said in the past, it becomes clear that he has very little knowledge of the developments in the space. It Seems as though he gets all his information on the crypto space exclusively from the outlets that cover him in the mainstream.

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