Bitcoin Prezzo $333,000 Predizione – Fact or Fantasy

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Bobby Lee is calling for Bitcoin to reach $333,000 entro il 2021. Does his prediction mean anything, could he be correct?

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Bitcoin Prezzo $333,000 Predizione – Fact or Fantasy

53 Commenti

  1. Buying on the way down after a bubble pop takes a special kind of confidence in the underlying asset 😀 I suggest you do not tell your doctor this

  2. Thought he meant 333$….I was like yeah, could be 😀 Then I saw 330K $ and I was like,, could be.

  3. Probably a 33rd degree masonThis is another enslavement tool that will bring about the mark of the beast

  4. Nah, spent my LTC on plane tickets when it was around $150 and haven’t stocked back up since

  5. One thing many people do not consider is what is happening in the Fiat space and moreover the banking system………lets look at the dollar vs a cup of coffee in 2021…..I reckon we will see bitcoin vs gold emerge as the measure of value, the dollars days are numbered.And I do not believe the dollar will take everything else down although I do hope it takess down the banking system.

  6. +The Crypto Lark Yeah..but at this point I doubt it. Tom is just desperate not to lose face so he doubles down. What else can he do. On a more serious note, I honestly don’t think Bitcoin will recover any time soon. Everyone are scared and Bitcoin has no real utility. At least EOS and TRX are serving some purpose and is doing some value propositions.

  7. lol! 3 is a VERY lucky number in China. Hence the $333,000 = Triple 3 = Triple lucky. Did I also mention that Chinese are Super gamblers and extremely superstitious? 🙂
    I don’t think BTC will ever reach a 6-digits figure, nor will it reach the 5-digits until at least 5 anni…
    Detto ciò, I find the talk about the pricing too much for me too digest: I would rather people work on ways to allow the lambo-mooners of 2017 to use their BTC, instead of letting them sit in their wallets. There is a Melbourne-based company that is trying to service them by offering loans with BTC as a collateral/guarantee. Isn’t that cool? 🙂

  8. A couple of times in the past month or so, I’ve pondered the idea of Bitcoin going down well below 1000 USD and staying there for a couple of years. 😦

    I hear a lot of people talking about how great the price will be in 5 o 10 anni.

  9. QFriend Very good chance that it will hit the price because it’s definitely going under $1000

  10. rofl theres so many different kind of cryptos, u can basically mined unlimited cryptocoins.. bitcoin will be worthless just like all the other cryptos

  11. @Han Bulban

    I don’t think you understand how Bitcoin works.

    The longest chain will always be considered the real Bitcoin which supply is 21 milione.

  12. You are not right, seems your Math is very bad. BTC total supply is around 17m ( 4 lost forever) 1m is on satoshi wallet and i doubt any person has access for it, so there is only 16m in circulation. There is no more bitcoins, and there will be no more then 16M, USD will be printed every day. Of course it will reach 5 digit and 6, i think even 7 is possible in next 10-20 years from now. BTC is a store of value not currency u can pay for cup of tea. Maybe wil LN it will be too but even if not, BTC will stay as store of value. We will have Stellar or Nano for global currency. Zero fees is what we need to pay services. Only stupid people will spent BTC on such prices like 3k or 4k. Don’t be stupid!

  13. ADK Ghost Lol I love how everyone says we’re early yet this space has been around for 5 e quasi 6 years nowcome on open your eyes

  14. NikolaS NS at some price point you will spend bitcoin. But you want call it bitcoin. Youll refer to it as satoshis. quando 10 satoshis gets you an uber youll spend them

  15. It won’t. The banking system will basically own crypto after thiscorrection”. Imothey are about to start buying it up. Specially with this media made, economic ressesion, that is currently forming. How low will they let it go? O, are they buy buying OTC, ATM?

  16. BTC is very limited. It will get passed by by other cryptos that deserve the number one spot more.

  17. Per evitare di fare le perdite durante la negoziazione, è necessario per ottenere la piena comprensione e la conoscenza non è qualcosa che hai appena giocate,La strategia di Mr Brent Howard è molto efficace, Coerente e costruttivo. Sto ottenendo il meglio da essa.

  18. +soulreed then the banking system becomes part of the crypto system which is open source………the recession is mathematically driven not media driven and only applies to heavily debt based economies, the world does not live in the USA…..other currencies will benefit from the dollar collapse…….history repeated

  19. +Paul Castellano keep dreaming pauper. I have an opening for a part time cleaner in one of my properties if you need a job? 😂

  20. Suggerirei signor Howard Brent per ogni principiante nel mercato crypto,He was of great assistance to me when I was a newbie in the crypto market.

  21. +soulreed I used to think that, until I worked out what happens when no one wants to use a certain coin. Someone just creates another coin, everyone moves over to the other coin and tells the banks to go feck themselves. If the consensus moves on, it leaves their controlled coins with no value. Basically we turn all the mining attention away from them and just laugh. Its the same approach as Legal Highs in the UK, by the time the big lumbering government decided to legislate against them, someone had already changed the formula so it wasn’t classed as a drug. Bureaucracy cannot keep up with the fast changing world.

  22. +dolo gore I am not trying to be smart, but mathematics and studies always forget one essential variable, the human being is a very random acting variable. Anything can look amazing in code, and on paper, but once it hits the real world it goes tits up as real life problems arise, and that’s coming from a programmer. Even with the best system, you put garbage in, you get garbage out.

    Crypto has been polluted and distorted over the last year, and the bull run it went on was caused by greedy financial types, who created spin off coins out of thin air, and then sold them to buy Bitcoin. Then slowly since the price was at its peek, they have emptied the pot of money. Bitcoin is still a very genuine and good solution to a world problem, but these idiots found a way to manipulate the price and basicly Quantative Eased the value out of it. Fidati di me, I have worked in IT for 30 anni, and in Cryptocurrencies for 6 anni, they have nearly destroyed it with, yet again, greed.

  23. 5 digits wont come back againto put it in simple terms, cryptocurrencies are way overvalued. Majority dont even know what cryptocurrencies are and you’re telling me bitcoin is worth more than twitter, and spacex etc. give me a break lol. blockchain tech can survive without cryptocurrencies, that being said, if amazon and big companies adopt blockchain lets just say 99.99% of cryptos will vanish

  24. +NEO-GAMING I misread your your post I thought you put 26,000 … yes I agree bitcoin is at least going to the 2k range. But what catalyst make you believe it rise again to 10k or 20k or whatever your selling price target is.

  25. +Comment God slow global adoption .economic slowdown. I’m not banking on governments games etf futures and the rest of the bullshit Last year’s run up in my opinion was pure retail speculation. This year I believe is intstational manipulation to bring the price down to drive fear to the retailers. Not me big money is coming 👍

  26. @QFriend – Grazie. I was always wondering, what that 589 price prediction was suposed to mean. Now it all makes sense to me.

  27. +NEO-GAMING You are probably the most reasonable Bull I have chatted with about Bitcoin on YouTube. Bitcoin is just too speculative for me and im more of a tangible investor, and I would disagree with you manipulation was needed to bring the price down. Yet at the same time I do believe there was some manipulation going on because there is always manipulation in pretty much all trading markets to some extent, and with Bitcoin beingon firein the media im sure it was crazy manipulated this year. I think the price drove because the bubble burst and it was inevitable, with no real data such as earnings or revenue to substantiate the price and no upcoming catalyst it has simply reached it peak. Remain level headed sir, I wish you well.

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