Bitcoin Prezzo – $1,000,000 di 2020 ?

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The price of Bitcoin is going wild, Bitcoinmania is gripping the world. Can it hit $1,000,000? What will the price of Bitcoin be in 2020?
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Bitcoin Prezzo – $1,000,000 di 2020 ?

43 Commenti

  1. By Christmas will reach 15, può essere 16 000, but for Christmas will drop to 12, 13 000, and by the end of the year, or january 1st will be at the 14 and a half thousand. That’s my opinion on it 🤔

  2. DoooodYou’ve been hiding your inspector gadget Dr Claw voice from us this whole time….

  3. $1 million for a BTC assumes present value USD. Throw in a dollar collapse and it looks a bit more likely

  4. Long live the block chain! Much love Lark, your calling is changing the world in such a beautiful way. Worth more then any price of btc. Cheers from Oregon

  5. We won’t reach 21 million coins until 2041 with wolfs law being accounted for and silly hash speeds. Btc will be worth more in 2020 due to being only 16+ million btc by 2020 and remember people will lose some on shitter hardware and just misplace things as well. I own 0.5946 BTC at a cost of £7k i I’m in it for 10 anni. This is the smartest thing I ever did in my life. I expect Btc to become the Ebay and Amazon of cryptocurrencies. In which case I’d expect 1 btc to be worth 5 million due to the limited minting and Global trade use. A Currency war will come but it can’t beat Santoshi with a million coins . He would become the richest person in the history of the planet. Not the Rockerfellas. That might be a good thing when I looked around the world today. I suspect Santoshi is the CIA and this is their Trojan coin to grab the wealth of the world as the Dollar failed due to greed. I don’t trust people with power.

  6. i kinda feel like that but what if it doesnt, what if we never see $15,000 again.If the powers at be want to take power of it they will buy it up faster then anyone can get it into it. It could be caos

  7. Nerds usually have the MOST money , but have a hard time picking up women , women like bad boys always have always will NOT money.

  8. BTC Doubles on average about twice a year. It will be around $640000 based on $1000 starting point.

  9. Fantastic vidio thank you it’s given me the bost I needed to hodle on long live the block chain peace😁

  10. happy day ohh happy days……….its now jan 2019 rekt! lmao 13:42 people take note lol lolhi Lark back a year later lol

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