Bitcoin oltre $ 10K in questo caso, LITECOIN Leading Altcoins! Binance and MCO Updates!

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Bitcoin Finally Passes $10K Barrier, #Litecoin Still Leading the Altcoin Rally

Vitalik Buterin eyes #Bitcoin Cash as a Data Layer for #Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin eyes Bitcoin Cash as a Data Layer for Ethereum

#Binance Coming to South Korea

Binance Coming to South Korea

MCO, Launches in USA and a New Referral Program, App Overloads, Funds Are Safu

Richmond Hill Now Accepts Bitcoin as Payment for Property Tax

Richmond Hill Now Accepts Bitcoin as Payment for Property Tax

Latest update from Kris at MCO –

SquakBox Clip –

TehMoonWalker Tweet –


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Bitcoin OVER $10K Again, LITECOIN Leading Altcoins! Binance and MCO Updates!

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  1. mnuchin also had good things to say about crypto as a technology he did a press briefing, he sad he is going after thebad actors” …but guys honestly he is the Treasury secretary….he CAN’T say bad things about the dollar. His job is to keep it stablethink McFly think! Ma, yeah crypto is the future.

  2. Sold all of my eth after hearing about the bitcoin cash proposal, you’re dead to me eth

  3. So the long history of money laundering before the bitcoin was created was monopoly money then, destra?

  4. *gramton. pro/buygram* is for those who asked where to buy GRAM coins before floatation!

  5. Oggi ho venduto tutte le mie Altes e comprato gettoni grammi da Telegramma invece di. I think that this coin will make many X-es on *www.toncrypto. info/gram-market* anyway

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  7. ♻️Good stuff as usual. Btw you can buy ASG for a really small price, sell double price. Easy money🤑💰♻️

  8. ♻️What, ASG from p2pb2b still hasn’t ordered a review? Very nice project, join🚀🚀♻️

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  11. @Bison News Yeah but i liked @SaiiBoost
    ‘s opinion as sometimes the truth needs to be told!

  12. @Patricia curtis Definitely didn’t ask for the opinion of a woman eitherbugger off

  13. @Bison News OMG there was me thinking that you made a public comment on social media and therefore was inviting ridicule!

  14. Ohio isn’t just thinking about accepting btc for tax payments, they implemented the policy some time ago.

  15. Mnuchin created many of the greatest weapons of mass financial destruction. He needs to be executed for crimes against humanity.

  16. Mr.Goldman Sachs, the very same guy that has a shell corporation and bank account in the Cayman Islands, says cash isn’t used for illicit purposes! 😂😂😂

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