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What's is happening with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency this week? I answer your questions.
Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Questions and Answers – Chat Crypto Lark Comunità


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25 Commenti

  1. I’m thinking 2020 to the moon but big players now have their foot in door but not ready to heard sheep yetthe media says sothey are not preaching the gospel yet..

  2. Strap in now don’t miss your seat should be something when rockets fireseriouslybit coin or zill.. and other projects I like on hopes one day be over trillion dollar market cap

  3. Hey lark what do you think about substratum they have working product it looks like very exciting stuff

  4. hey lark, would love to see you do an update on skycoin, they are well into their test net and from what i can tell have been making steady progress on their various other projects.. i think the attention on skycoin in recent times was focused on the circus and not really the technology that is under hood, would be good to see some proper attention put back on what it is that actually makes it a strong project etc, plus synth for better or worse is always entertaining,, he is actually scheduled to be having a live debate with john mcaffee in athens soon also which will be interesting to say the least

  5. I picked up some Bezant at $0.027 recently. The chart looked good from $0.02, and that price is 20% of the standard ICO price, e 33% of the private pre sale price if you include the bonuses.

    I also like how Icon has been developing recently. I think that they could be a big player in future, if crypto does gain mainstream adoption.

  6. The scary part about “AI” is if it’s ever intelligent enough to calculate how to expand and disconnect from human control, it may just evolve to make independent decisions. One example is a program that saysDo what you have to do to save planet earthand they may figure out the only option is to destroy humanity. On the bright side, a synergistic outlook on AI would be cool, but still should be approached with extreme caution

  7. Sub has a lot of potential. If they manage to pull off thier goal, then Sub is going to be massive.

  8. +Crypto Ninja actually they already pulled it off it’s working in China and other countries it’s all about Mass adoption that’s the key to their successcheers

  9. the good thing is 1year ago yout videos views more than 100ktoday 3k that means 🙂 people sleep 🙂 smart money need this ,)

  10. Another great stream, Allodola. Grazie!! Unfortunately I was slaving for the corporate master when you went live. Can you provide your thoughts on the progress of the TRON TRX team, and if you see a bright future for that project?

  11. Hi Larkdid you manage to get your Howdoo username sorted out? I think they are holding it for you. I think the FB coin, if it ever happens won’t be that big of a deal. They have damaged their rep so much lately, I firmly believe people want change.

  12. I’m very excited for howdoo to launch almost more than the bull run(maybe not) but very excited

  13. Get educated.
    Solar panels
    Sitting there preaching
    Artificial light
    Synthetic T-shirt
    How do they make razors
    40 books in the background

    I’m for climate change, but I try better than that. Do you just have an uneducated opinion or are you pretending you care, but you don’t know?? I would ask you questions , but Google is too easy.

  14. You have a PERFECT voice for the radio. I always listen to your streams in audio and they are pitch perfect. 🙂
    Re: BTC going to high amounts, I think it is likely to happen in FIRST instance (transfer of wealth/pegging from USD to BTC around the world), but will likely be tamed over time by the likes of LTC, BCH and ETH.

    Ethereum’s trump card is in ERC-20s: all these altcoins that can’t afford to run their own Blockchain protocols/teams AND are already running on Ethereum won’t migrate anytime soon (if ever). To access them, people will have to go through Ethereum, meaning ETH will always be there.

    Projects starting big like XRP, EOS and TRON might deflate in the long run, UNLESS they manage to keep their hold of the Cryptospace with REAL innovation (not merely recycling existing practices like SWITCH and P2P sharing, ). As now, they seem to be following the Corporate business models of Amazon/Apple/Google, which might conflict with the original purpose of the BC tech (i.e decentralised protocols and open governance).

    Ps: We are almost mind-twins: I am a linguist educator, social scientist AND a web developer. The Blockchain space is like the perfect space for people like me to thrive. 🙂

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