Bitcoin & criptovaluta Notizie – Tailandia, Testnets, & Your Digital Rights

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Today in Bitcoin and crpytocurrency news Thailand brings in regulations, testnets and partners galore, Japan cracking down, LifeID makes a digital bill of rights, and so much more !

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Bitcoin & criptovaluta Notizie – Tailandia, Testnets, & Your Digital Rights


Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

30 Commenti

  1. I’m so tired of hearing about crytpo bans on social media. How will I discover the next biconnecttt? lol.

  2. NEX has allowed Chinese citizens to participate in their ICO.

    Do you think that this is a sign of things to come with regards to China allowing regulated crypto trading and ICOs again.

  3. si, have had a lot of interviews recently! A big bulk were from the conference, try not to do more than 2 o 3 a week in general though

  4. Hey Lark, could you please do a review on XRP. I’ve been holding a few coins, almost all in on it. Now I wanna know if I should pull some out and invest else where and save time, or sit and wait.

  5. #ChairNah Homie Bro, do not address lord Lark like that ever again for as long as you live.

  6. I don’t think Lark likes XRP they’re too intwined with banks.
    Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are here to get rid of banks 🙂 XRP goes against the philosophy of decentralization.

  7. Totally agree. Made a noob mistake of getting into it without doing proper research, although I bought when it was a little lower than a dollar.

  8. what don’t you like about it, i really like xrpthey released a statement saying they think capturing half the worlds banks is in reach. Japans government is so in debt their yen is in trouble, why are all the major banks using ripple & bitcoin is an official currency?

  9. Congrats on Parker standing toe to toe with A. Joshua in UK all 12 rounds. Great update. Mahalo and Aloha.

  10. How is your cloud mining going Mr Lark, is it turning out profitable considering the current climate

  11. good news, read on this today, well in some aspects the tax is ok at least crypto is accepted somewhat, but still questionable on those tactics, more less sit back and see how these things branch out next couple of years,

  12. Checkout SocialXvery cool social media solution across the blockchain

  13. thanks Larks, Happy Easter,please send me the logo 😉 #noshavetill20kcrypto lark nation

  14. Hey Lark! Grazie per le informazioni. as always, fratello. You said in relation to the Ubiatar ICO postponementwhy wouldn’t you do it now while Ethereum is cheap and have way more cash down the road, but I’m not an ICO, so what are you gonna do?” I’m editorializing a bit there, but my question to you is if you were an ICO what would you be and how would you conduct yourself? You’ve made no secret of the elements and processes in ICO’s that you find favourable to your way of thinking, but if you were to put an ICO out, what would it be and how would you do it? Perhaps an idea for a future segment? Have you ever thought about this?

  15. Hey Mr Lark i really like the Crypto world & have put some real money in ( alot ) & now much less in my piggy bank but feel a long term future for this space. I won’t invest in the best bargains until the market come’s back up to break even. My wife’s sense of humour has been tested with my crypto passion. No Passion or rises for me until the Market rises.
    Great Job Lark love your work cheers.

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