Bitcoin E CRYPTO OVUNQUE | BTC Dimezzare Prezzo | Microsoft Vechain? Cardano ADA, Notizie Enjin ENJ

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Cryptocurrency Ourdoor Marketing for Mass Adoption? 11,580,000 bitcoin have not moved in over a year. The Bitcoin halving is coming in 2020; what does it mean? Vechain Thor Blockchain Will Host Microsoft-backed Release of 1980s Gamebook, is this Fake hype? We found Microsoft Items Azure Heroes on Enjin Last Month as well. Cardano and Coti Release AdaPay

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Cardano and Coti Release AdaPay

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Bitcoin E CRYPTO OVUNQUE | BTC Dimezzare Prezzo | Microsoft Vechain? Cardano ADA, Notizie Enjin ENJ


Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

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  2. There’s sooo much happening in the crypto space , this was another informative and content packed vid, tyvm 🙏

  3. BTC holdersplease claim your free HEX tomorrow. This is actually a project that can work VERY well for early adopters. OF COURSE it is a high risk investment (besides the completely free claim). BUT, most people are still perfect candidates to invest some. My thoughts are: I have plenty of money to put SOME money into SOME (researched) high riskand hopefully high rewardventures. BTC is NOT going 10 o 100 times in the next few yearsit is far tooknown” (no matter what crypto cultists keep telling you). We need to find the next big thing (say a top 100 moneta) EARLY. This project has me more intrigued than anything in crypto in a couple years. io
    actually will get LESS HEX the more that others claim, but I want this to work!

    If you miss the free claim, you can get it on a few exchanges and (much better) convert some ETH in the HEX Adoption Amplifier

  4. Thank’s for update, I know you get asked this all the time, but I have not seen a reply, Where is Jeff?

  5. The Take Over is Happening!! Bel video! I’m also putting out bitcoin TA videos everyday as well

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  12. I like the fact that Microsoft is working with alot of crypto’s. They are also working with $Link and iexec $RLC for their trusted compute frame work.

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