Bitcoin Adoption CurveWe Are Still Early! Massive Price Opportunity Still for Crypto!

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Bitcoin adoption if far from being mainstream, while we wait for crypto to cross the tipping point of adoption a great investment opportunity at these prices exist, but how early are we?
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Bitcoin Adoption CurveWe Are Still Early! Massive Price Opportunity Still for Crypto!


Creato da Sara Bauer e Richard Abermann

33 Commenti

  1. news is really heating upI think we’re nearing a huge tipping point! Great video as always

  2. The earlier adopters took the risk and now start to realise the real rewards. Long live the Blockchain!

  3. the learning curve for crypto is higher than other technologies, so it probably take longer to adopt.

  4. You should never spend Bitcoin. Gresham’s Law. Bitcoin is a store of wealth so spend your local currencies first.

  5. Love the channel mate. I’m a new subscriber. Can you cover dgb at some stage if you haven’t already

  6. No way do I pay my phone bill with BTC and realize i could have paid my house off with the same amount of Satochis in the future. 😎🚀🚀🐳

  7. Wow . . . Look at that Description.
    Em . . . Temptation Pulls . . . The Dark Side of the Force . . . Young Skywalker . . . It Does.

  8. and that is exactly why bitcoin would never be a currency. Limited-supply of anything always causes hording and if that became the currency of the world nobody would buy frivolous things or go out to eat or tip others.. because they would always think about how much higher the price might go so they clam up and don’t spend.. and this causes money to not circulate.

    It’s a good casino machine but not a practical currency.

    this is why stable-coins will be the actual currencies of the future.. because the price stays the same and you don’t regret later what you spend when you use them as your liquid cash.
    Bitcoin is for investing and stable-coins are for currency

  9. better hurry up, history is repeating itself. accumulate bitcoin cash, bitcoin sv, bitcoin gold because those are its twinsbefore they become 20k too.

  10. +Harshlands Entertainment Good luck trying others to convince that you are not in it to get rich quick. Widen the gap between poor and rich is the only result. 🖐

  11. +Alpha Crypto Silver Omega I’m not in it to get rich quick. Nor have I. I’m in it cause I see where it’s going. In bocca al lupo!

  12. +Harshlands Entertainment Sure you do say hello to the deep state of the future. Good luck with your karma too!

  13. +Jeremy Cheshire i didn’t say people wouldn’t buy bitcoin. i just said it won’t take over currency.
    It will just be this side thing.. a collector’s item. But if you want to send money, there are far better blockchains out there that charge you even less transaction fees and are much faster.
    Like i sent myself some money using Stellar once and it was instant. As fast as i clicked Send it was already on the other wallet. Who’d rather not use that?
    But then, that isn’t a stable-coin either. Ancora, just about every blockchain out there is faster and more reliable than bitcoin is.
    But i know for a fact one of the stable-coins either already existing or in the near future will take over as the actual fiat replacement.. and it wont be just a national currency. it will be the world’s currency.. the backbone that all things rely on to measure value against. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellare, XRP, NEO and all the rest of the non-stable coins will rely on that one stable-coin to know their own value in relation to it.
    Altrimenti, how else are you going to know if you’re investment in those crypto went up or down unless you are measuring it against something that is a rock that never moves? Rulers and Tape Measures would be useless if the scale on them varied.

    and as far as gold goes..
    ​that’s because gold has been impractical to pay with physically because nobody wants to take the time to chop off pieces.
    But now people are starting to pay in real gold with the DGX token. It is a stable-coin that represents actual gold in a vault.. and this makes gold digital so we can chop it up.
    It’s like you own shares of a gold supply so you can trade the shares down the smallest piece to make real gold actually spendable.

    So i can send you any amount of DGX to your Ethereum address and you can check your wallet and there you have that much DGX. Then you get yourself a TenX card and link your DGX to it and you swipe the TenX card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. simple.
    so i’d rather have actual gold than some imaginary number and DGX is real gold because you can go there any time to their vault and trade back your tokens for real bars or deposit real bars and they grade it to verify and stamp it and mark it in their books and you can see it imprinted on their website and they give you whatever tokens represents that much gold.
    I use Kyber Network to snag some dgx when i want some digital gold. easier to just buy someone else’s tokens then to run to their vault all the time.

  14. “Miele, can you grab a pack of ground beef? It’s on sale for 2sats a pound.
    These are the dreams I have 🤩

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