Molto veloce Bitcoin Aggiornamento | Ondulazione + Banca d'America | France BULLISH on ICOs | BitMEX DUMP!

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Bank of America Files Patent for Settlement System Citing Ripple

France Set To Announce The Approval Of Several Non-Security Initial Coin Offerings (OIC) Presto

France Set to Announce the Approval of Several Non-Security Initial Coin Offerings (OIC) Presto


$73M Of Bitcoin Pulled From Bitmex Following Probe Reports

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Molto veloce Bitcoin Aggiornamento | Ondulazione + Banca d'America | France BULLISH on ICOs | BitMEX DUMP!

41 Commenti

  1. Ppl hate on Ripple yet they are dragging the space forward with real world use cases. XRP is a no brainer.

  2. Hey Austin, small request the music that you place at the end I’m down for it but in future videos can you turn it down a little more. It’s too loud for when you’re speaking. No massive issue but everything else is perfect as always great job and continue what you do!!

  3. 💚💙💛🧡 I subscribe to Alt Coin Daily because they are Fair & Balanced and Great 💚💙💛🧡

  4. Ciao, a follower from France here ! Great video again, and happy to hear the news about ICOs

  5. I’ve already seen this patent lmao deffo not the first to brake the news.. plus it’s a few years old XD

  6. FYI Steve Cage brought out the Bank of America and Ripple story out yesterday evening. Just sayin’

  7. Promemoria tasse litecoin recentemente ridotte 90 per cento e Warren Buffet, Justin Sun e Charlie Lee pranzo di beneficenza ottenere closer🧞♂️”

  8. I’m part of the XRP community in California. Just want to give a shout out. I love your content. Grazie.

  9. This guy fuds so hard against XRP lol you will be wrong and I can’t wait to see your reaction


  11. A Morgz Nobody hates on Ripple. People hate XRP because there’s no real-world use so far that would benefit this cryptocurrency. Whatever Ripple is doing and signing, has nothing to do with XRP price and value. Read stock trading basics to understand what any shitcoin tied to a project is and why it has value. XRP community is the only factor dragging XRP forward.

  12. isn’t XRP a coin backed by big banks already? I watched a load of videos where all companies involved seem to come back to the rotschilds. If this is right then can I ask someone to site one time where the rotschilds made any peasant rich? Can’t they increase and decrease the supply on a wim, like the big banks? Am I missing something here? I ask this to be educated nothing more.

  13. How does the price of XRP go up in value and is there any proof that it increases off utility?

  14. Retail “gli investitori” are not the customer target for Ripple, they focus on the institutions and banks… Perciò, what are we looking for in XRP (not Ripple). Anyone? Objectively, I don’t think everyday people will benefit for this particular token. Thoughts?

  15. Ripple merging with Bank of America. This is very disturbing. The feds are invading cripto coins for the purpose of control and seizures. Bank of America is a very corrupt bank.

  16. Well stated morgz. Xrp bitcoin litecoin eth all have some of best use cases. Even libra discussion is helping bitcoin and cryptos

  17. Please stop making these videos SO long! The pace of the speech is just hard to listen to. If you boil these videos down to around 5 mins it would be much better for your listeners👍

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