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The New Kids On The Blockchain chat to Reggie Middleton about what Veritaseum have been up to since their ICO. He details the progress , their products and issues an offer to anyone believing that what he is doing is a scam to come and investigate the proof, but be willing to apologise when he proves them wrong!

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  1. If Veritaseum leaves the Ethereum platform for another, what happens to the ERC20 tokens that people are holding?

  2. there would be an open exchange window to get the new tokens based on your initial token holdings

  3. I hear there are a couple of pretty well known psychics saying they see dark energy surrounding VERI. They say it will have a massive POP up then later crash. But as we have seen, psychics are often wrongso who really knows?

  4. BitcoinBuzz a diminutive psychic has escaped a high security prison . a press release states ‘ A SMALL MEDIUM IS AT LARGE!

  5. In layman’s terms, Reggie has just formalised barter. I’m not wealthy enough to invest personally, and it will be the greatest regret of my life.

  6. This is just like a software project from the 90’s or the 2000’sits created by a company, who everyone then depends upontake that company out the equation, then the whole thing collapses. This is the AGE OF BLOCKCHAINwhere no single company or group of people are the central choke pointthat is the revolution! It will change the world! But this Veritaseumwhere is it going? How is anyone ever going to trust this with their money? Reggie is a clever guy thoughhe made some good predictions about some big things. So please prove me wrongI am all ears.

  7. Why though? Have you done any deep research besides listening to Reggie or Bicks Weir? So many red flags with Veri.

  8. wow that’s a good description of VERIa type of barter,where u exchange value without the need of currency

  9. +Finn Bear Me. Have you done any proper research on this project besides listening to Reggie? It’s red flag central.

  10. Next global crisis will make this technology immensly important and popular. Hard to imagine a better place to park capital in tough times either in Bitcoin new era gold or in thousands years trusted gold itself. I heard silver is really heavily hoarded lately. What it lacks is to make it more based on stable coins and less on volatile tokens as ethereum to fluently, instantly transfer between more stable assets.

  11. If you hold Pillar and Veri eventually you’ll go broke. Both of them are hyped up garbage that only went up in price due to the pumping of Jsnip, Clif High and Bix Weir and they have almost no liquidity. In other words if you hold this garbage you can’t sell it without crashing the markets. That’s a word of warning to new investors, not so much you as you’re already trapped holding this shiatcoin.

  12. Reggie’s Limited Liability Company may grow in value; the value of the coin is another story. The coin is needed to use the LLC’s platform.

  13. Let me know how Pillar’s working out dude. You can’t sell it. The coin has a 24 hour trading volume of less than 5000 dollari. Anyone who holds Pillar is trapped in their position. You can thank Jsnip for this one. Not a surprise con man Middleton started talking about Pillar. Con men seem to associate with one another to fool the dumbest people.

  14. +Michael York now you’re trolling other channels interviewing Reggie?? Voicing your opinion is fine but you are an epic cuckroach.. FOH

  15. +Ehm Ee Middleton is a con man dude. I’m sorry if you’re too dumb to see it. Eventually he pulls an exit scam to cash out just like the unexplained but expected “mod” that occurred with his personal wallet which holds 98 million tokens. For some reason thethievesonly took a portion of the wallet and Middleton failed to disclose the vector of attack to nobody’s surprise.

  16. He’s doing business in Nigeria & Jamaica, two of the top financial centers in the world. Definitely not a scam.

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