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Hey Altcoin giornaliera della squadra,
I wanted to share a quick video regarding the recent Verge Pornhub partnership. I try to keep you guys up to date with everything going on in cryptocurrency!
What do you guys think of this big partnership?
Let me know!

**Just Opinion. Not financial advice.

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57 Commenti

  1. sì sono d'accordo…will this make investors forget about all Verge’s shady practices over the last couple months?

  2. Now verge is officially a $hit coin as they have partnered up with a $hit industry. They will infect your computer with an STD anything $$$ related will be stolen. Stay away or get robbed. There is nothing good about this absolutely zero.

  3. does it matter? they did delivered to what they promised.. they could have handled this partnership deal in a very different way..

  4. I feel you. però, I think Verge is still pumped and wouldn’t get in until the correction/base forms.

  5. What do you guys think? Let’s not forget that Verge asked for A LOT of money to make this partnership happenWhich is shady as hell.

  6. I can’t see this being good news for verge . Seen a lot of negative feed back . And who actually pays for porn ?? lol

  7. Blind to what? the evil of the porn industry, the sex trafficking of minors, the ruining of families, the many addicted, and on and on it goes. Nothing good comes from it. Nothing good comes from the love of money. It enslaves both the willing and the not so. I will never hold verge again, I sold all mine back in January for I’m good. Just one less coin to work.

  8. si…I think this will turn a lot of people on to cryptoI still see a major correction coming for verge.

  9. As an investor, I don’t think there is anything wrong with porn. As an investor I think there is something wrong with shady business practices.

  10. People hear porn and have a negative image. In term of investment, the adult industry is huge. Mindgeek pretty much monopolize the online adult entertainment website. If this does well, I wouldn’t be surprise if Playboy is onboard.

  11. This is a good move for Verge. Exposure and once people settle down from the amazon, apple shilled, they will realize that this could be really big.

  12. Robert Cata someone is cause they keep making them and it’s a multi billion dollar industry. I’ve been bearish on verge but I might get some just incase

  13. Be careful of fomoing in. Verge is overbought right now, secondo me. I’m no expert.

  14. Altcoin Daily A real world usage is alway good for Verge and Crypto. In not invested, but I will when the price goes down a little bit.

  15. This certainly gives the bunny token a run for its money. I am wondering if it will affect their ICO????

  16. This is huge! We have never seen advertisement or acceptance of a crypto ever! Along with verge card coming with token pay soonverge has positioned themselves extremely wellPrivacy is becoming valued more and more everyday.. the options to be able to allow what people want to be private or not with wraith protocol and now this partnership affirms its position as a leader in privacy.. great day for verge and great day for crypto

  17. Have you seen the marketing pornhub is doing? Thats not free.. did you see the armored truck outside of NYSE? That money was raised for marketing.. not them begging pornhubnot shady at all.. i wouldnt expect pornhub to pay to advertise verge

  18. Altcoin Daily Like I said I wouldn’t know 😋. Only kidding but every time I went on there I didn’t need to pay for anything.

  19. So a moon shot is outta the picture, this coin is going for a uranus shot, If that happens I’ll bust a NUT……LOL

  20. Jon Gomez Yeah Monero is the top privacy coin….aspettare…. do you mean Verge? The shitcoin? 😂

  21. Vanguardas Vucava you sound real smart calling it a shitcoin after it just partnered with the largest company in porn .. and if you think that a multi billion dollar company like mindgeek doesn’t do its research before making a partnership like this you need to work on your common sense

  22. I’m guessing you impulse bought a pornhub membership using verge and discovered your first boner afterwords and wanted to let youtube know about it?

  23. LOL
    PornHub gets more views than Facebook, Amazon, eBay and Twitter combined and has a genuine use for a privacy coin like Verge. Nobody should underestimate this deal. This is why TokenPay was so interested in this partnership.

    Verge Partnered with Mind Geek, who owns PornHub, Brazzers, YouPorn and Reality Kings, is one of the top 3 bandwidth-consuming companies in the world, the other two being Google and Netflix.

  24. ya I’m serious..with all the shady crap Verge has been doing well if you wanna invest go ahead and I hope it does good but personally I’m not impressed and I think he way oversold this.
    Also since when does one side have to raise millions for a partnership??? Thats not how partnerships work.

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