VeChain $25 Billion Partnership! Ontology Mainnet, Bithumb Scam? $TRX

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VeChain $25 Billion Partnership! Ontology Mainnet, Bithumb Pump and Dump? $TRX

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VeChain $25 Billion Partnership! Ontology Mainnet, Bithumb Scam? $TRX

35 Commenti

  1. All of these good news, but still no moon ffsI bet I’ll be better off, if I just forget about my holdings for a while.

  2. Vechain is ON FIRE! I knew they were going to fully dominate Consensus. It’s starting to look like they will be releasing a big partnership every day throughout Consensus. Personalmente, I consider CCK’s tweets to be like riddles. Un altro grande video, Elliot

  3. Bout time you mention TRX.. just like coca cola kid giving real rumors how have u not talked about Justins Cryptic msgs about Alibaba recently and Coinbase?

  4. Yeah super awesomeothers making great chips like this: Ambrosus, Walton, IBM? Probably many more soon

  5. There have been too many cryptic messages about coinbase, we will wait for actual announcements at this point

  6. FUD TV I mean I have a point maybe if it’s directly from the horses mouth why else would he post those two things right b4 MN.. something to think about. 🙂

  7. I watched many reviews at ICO TELEGRAM! It really the most perspective ICO of 2018

  8. Love your channel man! Mantenere il buon lavoro. You know I see this channel being the first legit decentralized blockchain news network!

  9. bury your private keys in the Himalayas like I did. i have no access to my wallet, it would take me 3 months and a team of sherpas to sell my position. This is the recommended strategy.

  10. i try to invest in almost everything putting most of my holdings in coins that i like most and a little bit in the rest, DIVERSIFY will help your portfolio be more stable as well.

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